[UPDATED] B.A.P Releases “Badman” Mini Album!

Ah, a preview on the album I just bought! Let’s see if I spent my money wisely! Warning: Please no haters and/or trolls! You know who you are!

I am a bit upset at the moment. People are entitled to their opinion, but people are getting out of line with their “opinion.” We already know that there’s going to be comparisons to EXO, but it needs to chill. I seriously had to clarified some things to some people. I’ll post my reaction video soon on Badman, but let’s move to the mini album. Since everybody heard, “Coffee Shop”, “Hurricane”, and now “Badman”, I’ll be reviewing the other three songs. First up

Whut’s Popping?

Surprisingly, I don’t really like this intro and I always like their intros. Ugh, what’s wrong with me??? I wasn’t feeling it at the beginning. It was too much of something, but I got into it once Youngjae (or was it Daehyun) sung their part. They made it better. Sorry, but the rapping didn’t do it for me. I really hate writing this, but I’m being truthful.

[UPDATED] Sorry, I relistened to all of their songs, so I have a change of heart for Whut’s popping! I still didn’t like the beginning, but now I like the rap part! Jeez, I judge this song too quickly because I would have missed the message. My favorite line out of here is, “Our presence is different than the guys who act like girls.” Hm, who in the world are they talking about? 

Excuse Me

From what I’m hearing it something motivational. Duh, it’s B.A.P, but I like this beat then Zelo’s rapping. Of course Youngjae’s part captured me into the song and then the chorus. Yongguk saying excuse me…I’m dead. Please say that to me. I really like that, “we fly to the sky. Woo hoo~” part and the beat behind it was crazy. I love Excuse me, and here I thought that it was going  to be a ballad. B.A.P was like swerve~

[UPDATED] B.A.P is throwing jabs left and right in this song, but I think this is my favorite song than Bow wow. Plus this isn’t the motivational track that I thought it was. Well, it kind of is because they are promoting to be different in the K-pop world, but this song is taking jabs at a lot of idols. My favorite line, “Your music is really the Error of K-Pop.” This is so deep that you cannot fight against it. Period. Yongguk!

Bow wow

What is this a love song I hear?? Word? I bet the girl at the beginning was a member from Secret. I mean I would be surprise if it wasn’t, but that chorus. I seriously have to read the lyrics on this because aside from bow wow, what’s with the dogs? This is a mellow song, but it doesn’t veer away from their hip hop sound. The vocals and rap in this one is perfecto! Daehyun soft notes along with Youngjae. I really wish I can decipher Jongup’s and Himchan’s voice, but if they sung something in this track, I thought it was either Daehyun or Youngjae. Yongguk and Zelo’s rap sound so cheery and it’s weird. There’s Crash and Stop it, but this seriously sounds like a “go get her” song, so this is cute to me.

[UPDATED] This is a love song, but in a weird way…like it’s cool to look at other females, but I’m with you type of song. I particularly don’t like stuff like this because it’s wrong, but it’s a good thing I read the interview. B.A.P wants their songs to have meaning to it so that the listeners are educated with real issues. This is a real issue and I’m happy that they pointed out that females do it too. Men aren’t the only ones with wandering eyes. My favorite line, “Honestly speaking men are all the same.” I picked that because it’s speaking the truth, but it makes me wonder if B.A.P are the same. I bet they are. 

I love Bow wow and I think that’s my favorite non title track on the album. After that would be Excuse Me, but if I rate all six songs then it would be:

  • Hurricane,
  • Bow wow
  • Badman
  • Excuse me
  • Coffee Shop and
  • Whut’s Popping

I think “Whut’s Popping” should have stayed in America and I hate saying that because Yongguk wrote it. Ugh, seriously! Just had to omit that part for obvious reasons. I just like the song now! So what do you guys think of their album?


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