B.A.P’s Yongguk and Youngjae Racism Controversy!

Hold up! No, this cannot be right. What did they say? Who was it regarding?  I have all that with the full interview right here! Also, you know I have something to say, so click.  Note: I hate posting this topic after that AMAZING video, but this needed to be talked about.

BAP_1375404093_20130802_bap2You guys did not read that title wrong. A lot of people are up and arms with Yongguk and Youngjae in a recent interview when they were talking about their time in Detroit. I’m just going to jump in and say that whatever Yongguk and Youngjae said was not racist. I’ve read the article numerous times to see what’s the problem, but got nothing. Here’s what Yongguk said,

” When we went on our American Tour, we went to the Bronx in New York and it was an area with a strong  hip-hop atmosphere. It was also a slightly dangerous place. By chance we met some gangster people and got to get friendly with them; they taught us the greeting ‘Whut’s Poppin’. Because I wanted to off a hip-hop feel, I made it the title of the song. “

Somebody needs to be hit

Somebody needs to be hit

There’s more, but I will go piece by piece to give my opinion and hopefully show you why this is not racist. Yongguk is explaining why he wrote “Whut’s Popping” and said some gangsters taught them the greeting. Um, I’m just wondering why this is racist? Did he say black people taught him the greeting? No, he said gangsters. Last time I check there are white, black, mexican, and asian gangsters in the world. New York is a diverse city, so he could have been talking about anybody. Whoever thought that he was racist by saying that is racist themselves. Since he said the Bronx, does that automatically make the gangsters black? Does black people ONLY live in dangerous areas in the US? That’s just stereotyping African Americans as a whole. Again, what he said was not racist.

BAP-Bang-Yong-Guk-Himchan_1375229235_af_orgYongguk said something more that most people didn’t like and it was about Jongup. Here’s what he said,

“Through this tour, Jongup’s ability to express through dancing has improved. At one point it felt like he wasn’t Asian anymore.”

This one was a little ify, but it’s not racist. He could have said something different here because this shouldn’t have offended ANY Americans, but S.Koreans. Even that shouldn’t have offended them because not ALL S.Koreans are B-Boy dancers. Basically what he is saying is that S.Koreans cannot dance like Jongup. At least that’s what I’m getting from the quote. But the question was, “While on the tour, I expect each member saw the the advancement of the others?”  Jongup’s dancing had improved a lot that it looked original. B-Boy started here in America. Not in S.Korea. What Yongguk gave was a compliment and nothing less than that.  Whoever getting sensitive about this has problems. I’m done with this part.

00yjAs for Youngjae’s quote, I thought it was pointless too. I think everything about this racism nonsense is pointless. Here’s what he said,

“There were around 100 extras and they were a little scary at first because  they looked intimidating. But they were pleasant towards us so working was fun.”

tumblr_m8irdsaCFK1qa7tfso1_250I think people totally ignored the second sentence and focused in on the first. B.A.P asked for rough looking (aka scary) black AND white protesters for their MV. So, how was this racist? I was taken aback when I saw them, so how come B.A.P can’t do the same? Tell me because if I (an African American)  was scared when I saw them then how come I don’t get any backlash? Is it because I’m black or that I am use to it? I’m trying to understand the situation because a lot of folks that’s calling them a racist is being a hypocrite. You can react a certain way, but they cannot? That’s crazy.

Racism is a very deep topic and people are just throwing the word out the like it’s nothing. They are not reading the question and answer thoroughly because to get racism out of what they said is confusing. I don’t want to think that people are just wanting to hate on B.A.P’s comeback (and clearly they are), but they could have taken a different approach than calling them a racist. That’s a low freaking blow. I’m done.

Credit for the article is given to bapyessir. You can also read the full article on the link provided!

14 thoughts on “B.A.P’s Yongguk and Youngjae Racism Controversy!

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  2. Jessie says:

    im sorry but i think you a little in denial over this.

    • Um…how exactly? You can have your opinion, but I would like to know your reason on why I’m in “denial” over a on going problem called racism.

      • Sara says:

        But I totally agree with you, what they said was not racist. Haha I’m black and even I would be scared if I went into an area like the Bronx.

    • Sara says:

      You still haven’t respond on how she is in “denial” as you so call it.

      • Junji Hyunwoo says:

        The bronx isn’t even that dangerous…. It matter of where you live. If you live in some areas of the south bronx, its scary as fuck! But if you live in riverdale, country club, or throggs neck (where I love) it’s not scary at all and its pretty multicultural but mostly Italians. I’m getting so tired of people always saying the bronx as a whole is dangerous when Brooklyn is also as dangerous as the bronx….

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hey I just found your blog recently and I read some of your B.A.P articles because that’s pretty much the only group I still stand I just want to say I agree with your views. I have a similar blog that is mainly dedicated to B.A.P/Block B/ and Khiphop on tumblr and I was met with a barrage of question’s behind this incident. I saw both sides of the reaction, and I was iffy but I understood where the B.A.P members were coming from. I know they have expressed the desire to debut in the US and I have no doubt that they’d do great here but some sociological studies are in definitely need for the group. Simply because this is a whole different culture and they’d be catering to a different market.

    • Thanks for viewing my blog! B.A.P is my ultimate bias group also, but I try to look at their situation (I guess “scandals”) realistically than saying, “B.A.P is right blah blah blah”. I think they said what was on their minds and didn’t think it through before saying it, but we have to keep in mind that they were being interviewed by Koreans. Not saying it’s their fault, but after looking at their interviews for this era, they really think that the boys would have been hurt in Detroit. Which is true, but not entirely. If they want to take sociology classes…let them come to my college, but they really do need to take that course before entering this market.

  4. Taylor says:

    I face palmed a lot while reading this lol everything they said was 100 percent NOT racist!!!! It wasn’t even prejudice lol I live in Gary, IN and I don’t step foot outside with having a ride to my destination; with that being said, I would be scared s**tless if I ever visited the Bronx (which would never happen). I’m black and does me saying all of this make me racist? NO!!!!! People need to stop be so sensitive about things because there are REALLY racist that actually reside in America. Do you guys not realize how much homage B.A.P has paid to African Americans (mainly Yongguk) when it comes to music. Calling them racist is just dumb and ignorant. I really wish people would pick up a book and read what a “true racist” really is because I think maybe we have forgotten smh.

  5. Breanna says:

    I don’t see any racism here… a few comments were just like “Uh rephrase that and get back to me yeah?” But I feel like people enjoy making mountains out of molehills and when people over react it makes it harder to talk about more serious problems you know? And this is revealing other people’s bias, why are people thinking it had to be the black extras that were intimidating? Or why did the gangsters have to be black hm? I feel like this is reflecting on the people making the assumptions quite a bit!

  6. lol says:

    Nowadays you can say what you want and people will call you racist. People forgot what racism really is.

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