EXO “Growl” Repackage Album Review!

I’m finally coming around to it! I automatically thought “growl” was a hit, but what about their additional songs? Let’s see if it’s worth paying $40 for the album set! 

EXO_1375715027_af_orgWow, 40 dollars? That’s crazy because I know some Exotics would want to buy both the hug and kiss edition. Crazy price. That’s seriously is coming up to $60 with shipping charge and that’s for three additional songs. Let’s into this because jeez that’s a lot of money.


Usually, I would like the chorus over the verse, but it vice versa with this song. I think that “whoa ah” during the verse sounds so good because it shows that harmony between the members. Also the rap part is helping this song. I don’t know who rapped, but their voices compliment each other and I somewhat understood it because they had some english words in it. Plus, it’s not that hard to guess the meaning of this song. EXO is lucky to have this particular girl in their life. I don’t know if I would listen to this song again, but if I do the “Whoa ah~” and rap part will get me through it.


I love the beginning of this song. Whoever that was made it happened, hopefully it was Kris or Kai, but this song is wonderful. It so mellow, but also has something that you would want to two step with someone. The rap and the singing is balanced out. It’s like rap, sing, rap, sing, and etc. You get what I’m saying, but to me it give every member a chance to hear them and I like that. I mean having 12 members, but you only hear six (on both K and M) then what’s the purpose for 12? I think this song is going onto my phone. Aside from Growl, this is the second song I like.

So, is it worth paying $60 for the repackage album (both M and K)? No, I would buy the Korean edition because, again, “Growl” and “XOXO” made up for it, but I wouldn’t go as far to buy the Chinese edition. Although, their repackage album is freaking huge. It’s like a spiral notebook and for those who like to have a keepsake then buy it, but I bet the pictures will be on tumblr. This my opinion, so don’t let it affect your judgment.  I give this album a 9/10 because Lucky wasn’t my cup of tea.


One thought on “EXO “Growl” Repackage Album Review!

  1. Eunbyeol Lu says:

    Exo they are very talented boyband in Sm e they have my favorite songs last year and this year, Exo Saranghaeyo even have Sasengs always love you oppa s as I fell for Wolf and Growl, I am happy as I read about the news of repackage this year. Ah Saranghaeyo~ Exo oppa s.

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