f(x)’s “Pink Tape” Album Review!

Their album name reminds me so much of Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday.” Anything with pink in it reminds me of Nicki, but I want to know why this album received an all kill on the charts. So, “Rum Pum Pum Pum” your way to that button!

fx_1375068877_af_orgLame, I know, but I had to use that title somewhere because the title itself is hilarious to me. Not hilarious as in making fun, but hilarious meaning it good. Lol, again CL was on the mind, but this album seriously had an all kill. So, is it because of SM or their songs. Let’s get to it!


Dang it, where’s this beat from?? It’s a children show or movie. Jeez, first with EXO’s Growl and now this song, but wait this is from Cinderella. Yeah, I am currently listening to it and I figured it out. The chorus sounds weird to me for some reason. There’s some type of effect on it, so it sounds weird to me. If there were an instrumental of the track I would probably like it because the beat is awesome. I don’t know about this song.

Pretty Girl

Um, the verse isn’t doing it for me and the chorus isn’t doing it as well, but the beat again is overpowering f(x) again. Though, Amber pulled this song through. When she started her rap, “Wicked witch from the west,” I was hooked. Amber to me just makes this song and maybe it’s because I understood her rap. This song sounds like an empowering women song and that’s what I got from Amber’s 30 second rap. Hm, it deserve another listen. Females in S.Korea should listen to this song if that’s what it is about.


Belly dancing beat…uh music? Yeah, it totally sounds like a song belly dancers could dance to. Just picture it because that’s what I’m thinking when listening to the song. This song is fun and really easy to listen to. You can just bob your head side to side or get up and dance if you want to. That’s a plus in my book.


Oh, snaps the beginning. Groovy sound! It’s bringing it back and when songs go to the past it never fails. This song is a win and something I was waiting for! The chorus AND verses are amazing~ The beat is also banging because again disco was popping for a reason. There’s no word to explain this, but I hope the next song won’t fail me! Great job on this song!


What I didn’t catch on is that almost all of their song so far are upbeat songs. I haven’t heard a ballad yet, but why do I only like Signal so far? I don’t know, but this song is catchy and I would listen to it again. This isn’t doing it for me right now because this song came after an amazing song. I think this song is a party song though. Something you would only like in the club, but nowhere else.

Goodbye Summer

I know this is a ballad, but I really love this song. EXO’s D.O is really making this song perfect. It’s not all of f(x) in here and that’s totally fine because this song is great with Luna and Amber in it. I’m not saying that the others are unnecessary, but this song took harmony to another on this album.


This song is too slow for me to be not a ballad. It’s like dubstep, but with cramps. Sorry to compare to cramps, but cramps slow a person down and that’s what this song is giving me. Though, I love the vocals here and of course the dubstep. It reminds me of Daft Punk, not their newest song, but their album with the animation with it. This is a really good followup to “Goodbye Summer.”


So, I read in the comments that this song is about don’t let a guy play you like a toy. I wonder if they have a song with cheating on this album because then I would think that this story has a storyline. Oh, snap that beat just drop and I’m like “GO ahead!” The beat in this song is too much! It sounded like some type of orchestra and I LOVE IT. For a song like this, I would hope they have one to deal with cheating then this would be the realist album.

No more

I have no comment about this song. This sounds too happy to be saying no more. I just don’t know with this song. Sorry, but this is a pass.


Yes, they’re talking about snapshot on the iphone snapshot.  This gives me that drumline or school instrument class when you hear the horns, but do they mean capture something with your mind like snap shooting something? I don’t know, but again the beat is overpowering the song.

Ending Page

Of course the last track on the song would be called “Ending Page.” I like this song just a little bit. I will need another listen to this song because it sounds good, but I’m not hook right away. It has that harmony that makes me want to listen to it again. It’s a good way to end the album because it’s not too upbeaty, but to too ballady.

Overall, I really like half of the album. Signal is by far the best song on the album then Goodbye Summer and Airplanes. There are some songs that deserve a second listen for me to like it, but an ok album from f(x)



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