B.A.P and Shinhwa Plagiarize Controversy!

Okay. Okay. Okay. So, what song did B.A.P “plagiarize?” What are both reps saying about the plagiarism and what are the fans saying? You guys know I’m upset, right?

BAP-Shinhwa_1376320858_af_orgGuys, I’m not happy one bit since the start of the BADMAN promotion (well aside from the live performances and appearances on variety shows), but all in all I’m heated. I’ve already talked about the racism controversy (click here to see it), but now it’s plagiarism. Oh my goodness! Apparently, B.A.P’s BADMAN sounds a lot like Shinhwa’s “We Can Get It On.” I heard both songs and there’s a  MINOR similarity, but not enough to pull out the plagiarized card. It’s too small for anybody to trip on, but of course somebody was tripping. You be the judge, is it enough to classify B.A.P as plagiarizers?

I’m not going to be in denial and say, “No. Nothing sounds the same,” when in fact there’s a similarity, but AllKpop reported that both choruses sounds the same. No, it doesn’t. Unless, Shinhwa repeats, “I’m a Badman,” then it’s not the same. Only the pre-chorus sounds similar and that doesn’t deserve to be punish.

Fans Reaction

tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbShinhwa’s fans are upset because Eric self-composed and self-produced this song for their 10th anniversary album. Okay, we get it, but that’s something TOO small to demand,”some kind of action be taken for the songs,”  because now you are taking it too far. That sentence made the Babyz upset because they were discrediting B.A.P’s work. Even though, Shinhwa’s fans is holding the producers and composers responsible for it and not B.A.P, but B.A.P’s image is getting tainted. Also, what they don’t get that Bang wrote the song. So, speaking in musical term, he composed the song and Shinhwa fans are holding him responsible. Now, I don’t know if Babyz thought that route, but what matters is that B.A.P’s image and credit is getting destroyed.

9toiuI didn’t write about the plagiarising “controversy” because this isn’t a big deal. This matter is so small that NOBODY (both Babyz and Changjos) shouldn’t argue about it. This is a fanwar that shouldn’t have even happened. Shinhwa’s fans claimed that they are so mature in this fanwar, if so then this shouldn’t have escalated the way that it did. You are defending Shinhwa just as much as the Babyz defending B.A.P, so to call them immature is stupid and being a hypocrite. Also, Babyz didn’t have to get into this because again if you listen to the comparison then you know that the song is not plagiarized. I’m not going to defend the Babyz that entered this fanwar because they are at fault as much as the Changjos. Period.

Agency Responds



Yes, TS Entertainment (B.A.P’s company) released an official statement. A very stupid statement. It’s stupid because they didn’t need to say anything regarding the incident because, again, it’s a MINOR similarity. They were also stupid because they brought somebody else into the mix. Here’s what they said:

“We are aware of there being talks about the similarities between the two songs. The song was not plagiarized and we don’t feel that it was worth responding to so we never released a statement on the issue. It is the same for ‘No Mercy’. If people consider this plagiarism, then A Pink’s ‘No No No’ and S.E.S. should be plagiarism as well. There are a lot of similar songs these days. We feel that these accusations are coming from Shinhwa’s fandom.”

shinhwa_0004Why did you have to mention A Pink? I mean, TS is right, but they could have reworded that sentence differently. Way differently. I have nothing more to say about this because they brought bad publicity to B.A.P by mentioning it and not to mention adding ANOTHER fandom into the mix. I just cannot, but here’s Shinhwa’s statement:

We hear that B.A.P and Shinhwa’s songs are similar. But we’re not making a big deal out of it. B.A.P is a distant hoobae to Shinhwa, so we just hope they do well.

Do you see that Shinhwa fans? They are NOT making a big deal out of it, so why should you? I’m just happy that they responded during their vacation because if they had waited this would have been an ongoing fanwar. Hopefully, the fans will listen and stop the fanwar immediately because B.A.P should not have to go through this much hate. Since they announced their three title tracks, they’ve been getting hate left and right. From racism to acting cocky and now plagiarism. This is enough.



2 thoughts on “B.A.P and Shinhwa Plagiarize Controversy!

  1. apinkapink says:

    Am I the one who is dumb or I dont hear any similarities 😦

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