G Dragon Release Teaser for “Coup D’etat”

Jeez, so many YG artists are coming out this month! First 2NE1, second Seungri, and now G Dragon. Let’s see what his new album concept is about and let’s just say that Lady Gaga would be giving him a round of “applause.”

See what I did there? No? Well, that’s Lady Gaga’s new song if you guys don’t know. It’s a lame attempt to get a laugh, but I’m still going with that statement. Just check out the teaser.

You can see why I thought of Lady Gaga and that comparison is not a bad thing. G Dragon has been getting really weird…artistic with his music. I don’t know how the fans will react to this because it is different, but maybe he’ll tone down the swag in this album. The fans seem to have enough with that concept. It’s too early to for me to give a prediction on this album, but it looks pretty…different than “One of a Kind.”

What do you guy think of this teaser?


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