Nu’Est Releases MV Teaser for “Sleep Talking”

Another 2012 rookie making their comeback and of course it’s in August. They’re introducing a new genre and let’s see if this new genre interests me.

NUEST_1375961579_20130808_nuest3rdminialbumYup, Pledis (their company) states that “Sleep Talking” is introducing a new music genre called “Mystic Fantasy.” Um….ok. I won’t judge it until it comes out, but it REALLY has to be a NEW genre or else I’ll be disappointed. I don’t think Pledis needs to do much to bring attention to Nu’Est, I mean that’s why you have Ren, but they’re putting a lot of expectation on Nu’Est’s comeback. That’s a good thing, but what if we heard the style before? I just don’t want Nu’est to get any backlash for the false advertising that their company is doing. You guys be the judge.


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