Teen Top’s C.A.P, Niel, and Changjo’s Teaser for “No Joke” Released!

It’s a huge comeback rush…again. Teen Top is now into the August comeback list and also you can add blockbuster MV into the list too! But these teaser aren’t very blockbustery to me. 

TEEN-TOP_1376836484_af_orgI’m not lying to you! You would expect some Infinite’s Destiny or B.A.P’s One Shot teaser, but I guess there’s no killing in their MV. Finally, but this quote is seriously throwing me off. 

Their agency had posted, “TEEN TOP is coming back with a new mini-album. The spectacular action film-like font is a hint for their performance.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting their quote, but when I see “action film” I automatically think of a long, special effects MV, so you have to understand why I’m confuse with their teaser. See check them out.

TEEN-TOP-CAP-Niel-Changjo_1376945623_af_org Changjo_1376945899_20130819_teentop_Nojoke2 Changjo_1376945898_20130819_teentop_Nojoke


Maybe they’re playboys on an exotic island or something. I don’t know, but I can’t tell what the concept is with the teaser they are releasing, so I’ll have to wait. I really hate waiting. But C.A.P though! His hair. The way he looks. I cannot wait, but what’s up with Changjo’s and Neil’s sandals? First Zelo wearing some Naruto sandals and now Teen Top with these sandals. Are sandals in?  It shouldn’t be. 

What concept do you think it’s going to be?


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