B.A.P’s Yongguk Returns to Instagram!

*Runs around campus* Sorry, no. I’m not fit for all that, but I’m really excited about this! What’s his username and what did he post to make Babyz go crazy? All that here with a pinch of concern.

BAP-Bang-Yong-Guk-Himchan_1375229235_af_orgOh my goodness! I’m SOOOOOO happy that he is back to Instagram. It doesn’t make any sense how happy I am. First and foremost, his new Instagram name is Bangstergram. Aw, that’s so creative! Bangstergram and this was his first post.

He’s playing the piano! This guy here is just multitalented and it’s too much to handle, but did you see his fingers! Let me stop. I’m getting too weird here and I apologize because yeah it’s kind of creepy. Though, I do have a concern. Yeah, what a way to ruin this post, but you have to have some worries with his Instagram account. Even though some Babyz learned their lesson (I mean I hope so), but that doesn’t mean that this won’t happen again. B.A.P is getting popular and I guarantee that they have some antis amongus the real fans in their fandom. I haven’t read the comments on his first Instagram post yet, but I’m sure that there are some rude comments in the comment section. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself and that Babyz will remain respectful when writing their comments on ANY members post. I don’t want to get ignorant, so don’t let it happen. Okay?

Welcome back to Instagram, Bang Yongguk! (Bangstergram) Daehyun…we need to have a talk about your non existent account!


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