Block B Returns Under New Management Seven Seasons!

BBCs your prayers has been answered! Though, Stardom is still involved with Block B. What are they involved with and check out their new company’s statement!

339956_articleYes, I’ve been hip hop deprived after B.A.P’s album release, but taken how BTS is coming back and now Block B’s under a new management everything is going to be fine! *Hopefully, no hip hop diss tracks* We’ve all wondered what was going on with Block B and now, after months, we finally have some good news. Stardom finally transferred Block B’s contract to Seven Seasons, but this part had me upset.

Despite handing over Block B’s management to Seven Seasons, according to reps, Stardom will continue to support and cheer on the activities of Block B.

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Uh, they don’t need you anymore. Why are you continuing to support them AFTER the mess you put them through? That was your job when they were with you, so to say that really upsets me. Cheer on their activities? No, just stop Stardom and focus on YOUR artist. Jeez, since that’s off my chest, their new company released this statement regarding Block B:

Seven Seasons stated, “We will do our best so that Block B, who has spent a difficult time for a while, will be able to step foot back into the music industry and have their talents shine. In addition, we want to thank all the fans who continued to have faith in Block B, and we will make sure to pay you back for your trust.”

Hopefully, Seven Seasons will stay by their statement and doesn’t pull any shady stuff like Stardom. Seven Seasons sounds promising and seem to have the best interest of the fans, which is a plus, but I cannot wait for Block B’s comeback!


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