BTS Hints Comeback with Photo Teaser and Clip!

It seems like BTS is back every month. Now, who does that remind you of? I’m not going to say any names (B.A.P), but this comeback is going to be fierce.

bts_1377790638_af_orgSorry, I had to say that because BTS isn’t getting any heat for their multiple comebacks all the while B.A.P is getting criticized for it. Not even talking about their 2013 comebacks, but their 2012 comebacks. I’m sensing some double standards here, but I’m happy for BTS comeback. No More Dream was ok, but wasn’t completely there for me. When BTS came back with We Are Bulletproof Pt 2, I was hooked and had the song on repeat. No, guys I’m not a part of their fandom   YET  because I’m not the type of person to get automatically hook to a group after one good song. A lot of people (K-pop people) side eyed me because of it. They think because I like B.A.P that I should automatically like BTS. No, honey boo boo it doesn’t work that way, but if this song that they’re coming back with has the same punch as We Are Bulletproof Pt 2 then I’ll look into them more. Sorry, that’s the way I operate. Enough about my uncertain love of BTS, here’s a bundle of released images of the boys. *Seriously, it’s a lot* 


v1 v2

Jung Kook

jungkook1 jungkook2


jin1 jin2

Rap Monster

rapmonster1 rapmonster2


suga1 suga2 suga3


jimin1 jimin2

J Hope

jhope1 jhope2 jhope3

See I told you it was a lot, but here’s the clip!

So, what do you think about their new comeback?

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