G Dragon Releases Teaser Pictures for “Coup D’etat”

That’s French if you don’t know, but I can’t tell you what it means. *Nine years of French out the window. Kill me now!* Again, the concept would make Lady Gaga proud. Check it out!

A lot of YG activities this year. Next month you’ll be seeing 2ne1, Seungri, AND G Dragon at music shows. YG stans rejoice! YG likes to troll, so they released this teaser image first.



Uh, what does coming soon mean YG? Is it the same coming soon as in Taeyang’s solo album coming soon? HUH???? You can clearly see that I am upset, but YG answered our question by releasing this teaser image.



Thank you, a date! Yes, the 2nd of September is right around the corner and it’s a different concept than One of a Kind. I think people are really happy that he’s not swagged out this concept around…no matter how weird this concept is. Well, it’s not weird because who thinks that ninjas are weird?? But it’s something really different. I like different, but I won’t know until the MV drops. Lord only knows what’s in store for us when it comes to G Dragon.

What sound do you think G Dragon will reveal?


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