Seven Seasons Releases Video Teaser of Block B’s Ukwon!

Is a comeback happening or what? If it is you know what that means right? Block B and B.A.P interactions!! Seriously, but what does this teaser mean and when will the rest of the members teaser be released? 

block-b-block-b-22308026-500-400Oh goodness! I’m so happy that I am awake right now because I would have totally missed this important news if I was asleep. This is really important news because it’s a teaser of Block B (a group that’s been inactive for awhile and also joined a new company recently). Now the company has not release any information regarding if this teaser is a comeback teaser. In fact, this video is just a dedication video to the BBCs (Block B’s fans). I don’t think the fans care if it’s a dedication video or a video of them picking their noses, it’s progress for Block B. It’s like a comfort video letting the fans know that they’ll be back and probably soon. I think the dedication videos from the other members will be released everyday. It’s a hypothesis, but it’s very likely. Gosh, just look a Ukwon running!


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