G Dragon Releases “Coup D’Etat” MV + First Half of His Full Album!

G Dragon totally dropped that swag image for a weird controversial image. You know, the typical G Dragon. You have to check out this MV, I mean where else can you see an old GD? Right, nowhere.

It seems like G Dragon beat JYP to the punch with the looking like an old person thing. I don’t what other word to describe it beside a thing, but this song holds a powerful message. I haven’t seen the lyrics yet, but having a title like Coup D’Etat you should already expect that. If you haven’t seen the MV yet then enjoy!

My Reaction 

I took it down because YG got me. Sorry, no reaction video for this one.

First half of the Album

Niliria feat. Missy Elliott

I already have a problem with this song. How do you have a two minute song with Missy Elliott? Really two minutes? Jeez. I love Missy’s rapping. I think she have to introduce herself because she’s somewhat entering the Korean market. Though, I think it’s a bragging song. I can’t really comment on what GD is saying, but only Missy for obvious reasons, and she’s basically bragging. I doubt GD is going to change up that concept, so it’s a bragging song. The song is alright, but I really like the intro and outro of that religious singing.

R.O.D Feat Lydia Paek

Does he mean “Ride or Die”? Yup, thanks Lydia for confirming it, but Lydia though? Her vocals (and English) is something else. I love GD, I really do, but the chorus is doing it for me. I bet when I find out what GD is saying then it’ll change my views on the song. I think this song is a song that can be for both your lover or your friend. That’s something I really like about it and I’m totally judging it by the chorus. This is a song I might listen to again.

Black Feat Jennie

I love GD’s ballads because it’s not really a ballad. It’s a soft melody, but with heavy beats in it. I don’t know what he’s rapping about with a title called black, but it sounds good. His flow is something not to mess with, I mean he’s number one rapper in Korea for a reason. Hey, the S. Korean republic said it, so don’t attack me. Jennie’s voice though! Again, the vocals GD has on his album is insane.

Who You?

Hold up! Nobody is featured on the song, so is it G Dragon singing? Word? He sounds great for a rapper and I’m not trying to be rude, but he’s not up there with the rest of his vocals on the album. Let me repeat, “HE’S A GOOD SINGER”. I have to be careful with my words because yeah…let me stop. It’s not my favorite song, but it’s not the best song. I don’t know the beat didn’t do it for me. I like it when GD sings to something like the beat to Missing You. His voice fits that much better than this beat. Clearly this is my opinion, so please don’t attack me.

Overall, I love the album so far, but Who You?, is something I won’t listen to again. Sorry, but somehow I was wanting more of the controversial music than love. Maybe I’ll get that later which comes out on the 4th my time, so come back for that!


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