KARA Releases “Damaged Lady” MV + “Full Bloom” Mini Album!

I don’t think guys will like this KARA this concept around. It’s not your typical booty shaking falling in love concept. Players beware! Seriously, KARA is not playing. Come check the MV and my album review!

I totally love it when girl groups release empowerment songs. I think this is an empowerment song, but if not they sure put on a facade that it is. Hopefully, I’m right. I gave them a lot of praise for it, but why don’t you check it out yourself.

My Reaction 

Mini Album


I don’t know, I like techno beats in the beginning of the song. It kind of sounded like 2PM’s Take Off in the beginning and the beat.  It’s weird, for me it’s weird, but I love the verses and pre-chorus more so than the chorus. Or is the pre-chorus is the chorus. I don’t know, but it sounds really good. I know this is a love song, but it doesn’t feel like a mushy love song. The one that makes you puke because it’s so cheesy and I like that.

In the game

The horns got me all hyped then they start singing. I just feel like the verse after the horns had not lived up to them. I don’t think the lyrics is for the beat. It just doesn’t sound right, so I’m just paying attention to the beat and horns, but I like the rapping here. I don’t know what they’re spelling throughout the song (hopefully somebody will tell me), but it sounds like they’re spelling gamer. Hey, I have no lyrics sheet,so forgive me. I don’t think I’ll be listening to this song again.

Follow Me

I really like this song. I like it more so than Damaged Lady and 1+1. The beat has that modern early 2000s feel to it. That doesn’t make sense right, but what I’m trying to say it has that early 2000s feel, but it’s has a pinch of 2013 in it. Also, their voices harmonize perfectly in this song.  My only problem is that it’s too dang short. Oh, wait it’s a over three minutes long. It’s still too short. That’s what happens when you listen to a good song.


When I saw the title, I thought that this would be an upbeat song. Apparently I’m wrong, but it has that coffee shop feel to it. Yes and I mean B.A.P’s Coffee Shop. It’s very jazzy and that piano break is to die for. Especially, when the player beats down on the keys before the verse, or is it the chorus? I haven’t heard KARA before, but this song shows their maturity in music. Maybe I’m wrong, but this song feel so mature…despite the name of it.


OMGoodness. This totally reminds me of f(x)’s Signal. Especially at the beginning where you hear that robotic voice then after that you can also hear Bruno Mars’ Treasure. I wouldn’t say that this is disco, but it sounds old school. Maybe it’s the instrumental, but their voices here is also adding to that disco feel. I really like it!

Overall I like the album. It’s the right amount of songs with songs that I will listen to again. This album, to me, is their mature album. Again, I haven’t heard KARA before and I could be wrong, but I really like this album. KARA great job!




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