BTOB Releases MV Teasers for “Thriller”

The creepy concepts are here to stay. We should thank JYJ’s Jaejoong for that, but this looks promising. Hopefully, it’s not about a girl. (That would be creepy if it were).

I have no words for these two teasers. When I see Thriller I think of Michael Jackson. *Yes, I know. Michael doesn’t own the word, but don’t get into an argument with me over this matter* Seriously, I will go ham for MJ because HE made Thriller be Thriller. So, I’m holding a high expectation for this MV. As I said above, it looks promising and another thing is that 2012 rookies released a lot of good stuff this year. They have to keep that up. You be the judge and check out their teasers!

What do you guys think?


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