G Dragon Releases His Second MV “Crooked”

YG loves releasing multiple title tracks, but this song was mellow out song than Coup D’Etat. Well, it still had that GD flavor to it, but you know still less controversial.

G Dragon why? Why did you release this when I put my camera away! No, that’s fine because YG wants to copyright GD’s music and stuff. So, I won’t react to this MV, sorry, but I will talk about it. First look at the MV if you haven’t!

My Reaction

Um, just um. This is a little…different than what I was expecting. As I said above, this has the GD feel to it, but doesn’t it seem as if he was drunk when filming the MV? That’s what I got and maybe that’s the concept for it, duh crooked, but it seemed all over the place to me. I couldn’t follow what was going on. First he was here, then he’s picking a fight with ol’ homeboy then he’s getting rejected from entering the club. Just all over the place. When I say that the video was distracting…it was distracting. The music will have to grow on me because I didn’t listen to it, but looked at the MV. More like a video, but whatever get at me when you see GD half naked and not spazz over it. Right! But of course I’ll listen to it again and give my review, but as for now “Crooked” is not my favorite.

What do you guys think of the MV and song?



2 thoughts on “G Dragon Releases His Second MV “Crooked”

  1. I Am A VIP says:

    If You Read The Translation , Then The You Will Appreciate The MV 🙂
    Dont Judge A Book By It’s Cover xD .

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