B.A.P Debuts in Japan with “Warrior”!

Guys words cannot express how I feel about this MV. None. It’s like they debut ALL OVER AGAIN, however, we have a wetter B.A.P than in the Korean version. Check it out + my reaction!

I know, I’m only suppose to do K-pop releases, but it’s B.A.P, so I had to do it. It was mandatory. So mandatory that if I hadn’t did it then President Obama, yes Obama, would side eyed me. Who wants to get side eyed from him? Nobody, I mean if what I had said was true, but it’s not. Still…it was mandatory. If you haven’t seen it, here you go!

My Reaction! 

2 thoughts on “B.A.P Debuts in Japan with “Warrior”!

  1. Fleur De Seoul says:

    I was a sad panda. I thought the song was pretty good, and I like Japanese re-releases, but it was BYG and Zelo’s sections that caught me the the first time. And they just kept the Korean version of those two sections? Idk it just felt like they didn’t take enough time to translate those more difficult sections and I was let down because if it.

    • I really liked the fact that it stayed the same. For Japanese not to be their native language the whole song is difficult, not just the rap, but I understand. I don’t think it would have flowed smoothly if they rapped in Japanese. Maybe they’ll change it later, but somehow I think there’s a reason for it to still be in Korean.

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