Block B Releases Comeback Teaser!

Yes, it’s legit. I saw the date flash before the video end. *Runs around screaming!* I need to calm down it’s one in the morning, but when we’ll they return and with what concept? Come BBCs!

block-b-block-b-22308026-500-400See, it’s good to stay up in the wee hours in the morning because I would have missed this. Forreal! Forreal! The MV will drop on the 23rd of September, a Sunday for me, and it sounds like a ballad. I don’t know each member by heart, but the lead vocalist just hit me with his high note. Now if you look at the video, U-Kwon is getting his butt kicked by Lord knows who and it’s making me wonder if another teaser will be release. You know, a teaser for a member. I mean they could at least give us that much, right? If you have seen the teaser, enjoy~


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