Big Bang to Release a Single in October!

Where’s “The Office” gif when you need it because it’s here! This is not a false alarm! When exactly will they release the single and an explanation on why they’re only releasing single compare to an album. All of that here!

Big_Bang_2012_2I am SOOOO excited. Well I’m always excited whenever a male group comeback. It’s like God giving me permission to look at handsome, beautiful, and funny male idols. Don’t you guys think the same? The thing is it’s Big Bang, like, “Hands up high high and low…” Big Bang. This is huge because they haven’t released anything as a group since Monster. That MV was released June 2, 2012. That’s a year people! So, you have to understand the hype!


So, this song is supposedly set to be release late October or early November. Basically, a month (or over a month) from now. The reason that it’s a single compare to an album is because Big Bang will have a Japan dome tour in November. Not exactly enough time to release then promote a full or even a mini album. They’re actually being considerate to their fans as far as I’m concern. As much as they (K-VIPS) want to see them on music shows or even variety shows, I don’t think they’ll like it if they only promote for two weeks then leave for Japan. I can see all the hateful comments now if they did that. But, it’s not like they’re NOT going to promote the single before leaving to Japan.

Here’s what a representative said:

Big Bang will release a new single in Korea before the dome tour; they will promote this song in both Korea and Japan and will probably showcase it during their Japanese dome tour, as well.  

  Although they are planning to release a single rather than an album this time, they do plan on being active to a certain extent in Korea so it is probably good to anticipate this!

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See y’all nothing to worry about. You will see T.O.P’s sexy eyes, Taeyang’s body rolls, G-Dragon’s fashion, Seungri’s innocent act, and hear Daesung’s voice. It’s inevitable! Woot, I cannot wait. Are you guys excited?

You can read the story here. (P.S. It’s also my source).



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