EXO Fan Cuts Herself to Show Love for the Group?

What? Why? Why am I even writing about this? It’s like Justin Bieber’s smoking pot mess all over again. My thoughts on this disturbing situation here.

EXO_1375715027_af_orgI just don’t understand what’s going on with EXO’s fans. Seriously, I knew that their fans had problems, but this is taking it to another level. Why would anybody want to harm themselves for somebody that’s not even going to notice you? I think I just answered my question. She did it to gain the attention of the 12 member boy band. Even so, I still cannot wrap my mind around it. This person is inflicting pain to HERSELF. I think there something else that’s going on in her life for her to do that aside from getting attention from EXO. Let me stop real quick and show you why I am disturbed.


This is just…I’m speechless about this picture. I’ve seen it before, but it still makes me question how far fans will go to gain the attention of an idol. EXO is literally the second group, out of all K-pop groups, that has a lot of sasaeng fans. *DBSK/TVXQ being number one* You have to take notice that SM Entertainment idols has a lot of sasaeng fans compare to other labels. Veteran K-poppers can all agree with me there, and it makes me wonder what the CEO is doing to stop these fans from harming their idols and themselves (sasaeng fans) to gain the attention of their idols. Apparently nothing as far as I’m concern. We’ve seen many incidents involving sasaeng fans and EXO before. This isn’t new, but SM has yet to take action against these crazy girls and it’s making me mad. Although, EXO is not my bias group (and that shouldn’t matter), but somebody’s life is at risk because of these girls. Whether it’s EXO or themselves. I don’t like thinking this, but SM is all for the money no matter how much their idols’ lives that are at risk. Crazy girls = supporters. Supporters = money. SM is happy. I want to be wrong on this, but again the problem with sasaeng fans and EXO is still happening. Dang it Exotics were banned from Inkigayo. SBS Inkigayo. This is a problem and I don’t think SM cares that much about it.


Fans giving SM a Pass?

Yes, some fans doesn’t think it’s SM’s fault for not controlling the sasaeng issue. Wait what? How is it not is my question. SM is a big company, so they have money, they can hire bodyguards to protect EXO. If that’s too costly then why not press some charges against the girls? So it’s hard for me to believe that it’s not their fault. I would say it’s partially their fault and it’s the sasaengs’ parents’ fault. You can argue with me and say, “the parents doesn’t know about their activity,” but that’s a whole bunch of B.S. to me. These girls skip school to see them, pay over $100 for taxis to follow them, and camp out in front of their homes at night, so you mean to tell me that their parents doesn’t know what they’re doing? C’mon now. That just doesn’t even sound right.


Is it real or fake?

I don’t think this question even matters. A lot of people are wondering if this is legit, but let me ask you this, is it alright for this girl to fake it? Is she still in her right mind if this is fake? No, she’s not. I don’t care if it’s fake, who want somebody to think that you cut yourself? That’s not right, but again disturbing. I don’t know if she reads too much fanfics or watch a lot of dramas where the pathetic girl do something to herself just to get the guy back, but it needs to stop. That’s not healthy for her to do stupid shit to herself.

It’s been awhile since I did a post like this, but this is really disturbing, and I hope EXO doesn’t know about this because if they do then the girl achieved exactly what she wanted. Their attention. Hopefully, I won’t have to write about something disturbing like this again, but if SM doesn’t do anything about this mess then most likely I will.

What do you guys think about this? Agree or disagree?

12 thoughts on “EXO Fan Cuts Herself to Show Love for the Group?

  1. Lala says:

    Haha it was me. And it’s not fake.

    • Uh, I would believe you, but I don’t think I can without any proof. Sorry, I mean if you have evidence that it is you then that’s a different story. Care to provide some?

      • Okay, I have some questions for you. I mean you don’t have to answer them, but taken how you made yourself known I’m just curious about some things.

        1)Why did you do it? (I mean I know you love EXO, but why harm yourself?)
        2)What type of gain were you looking for?
        3)Do you regret doing it?
        4)The negative comments towards you, myself included, how do you feel about them?
        5)How you made yourself known that you are the cutter on other blogs aside from mine?

        Those are my questions and like I said you can answer them if you want to. I’m still a little unsure, but I’ll believe you.

  2. Lala says:

    1) I don’t know, I just felt the urge to do something like that for them + I’m depressed, have many problems and hate myself.
    2) Gain? Idk, maybe to get some attention.
    3) A bit.
    4) I was really angry when ppl called me ‘sasaeng’
    5) I don’t understand this question, sorry my english bad 😀

    • Oh so you’re not from America. Where are you from?
      My last question was: Is this the only site you’ve made yourself known that you are the one who cut yourself for EXO? Basically, have you gone to other blogs.
      Why did you choose to comment on my blog?
      What grade are you in or do you go to a university? If so (university) what’s your major?
      Do your parents or friends see the scar? What do they think about it?

      Again, you don’t have to answer my questions, but I’m curious. I guess I called you a sasaeng because I believe you did that for the attention. (And basically admitted it.)

      • Lala says:

        I’m european. Yeah, It’s the only. I don’t know why I commented, maybe because your blog is interesting and I’m bored ;D
        I’m 18 and I don’t go anywhere, just sit in home.
        Nope, nobody saw yet.

        Okay, just think what you want.

      • Machi says:

        Its obviously fake. Compare the two pictures. The one from earlier has a much darker saturation while the one lala gave us is in the exact same position and place but lighter in color to make it seem like she or he has scars. Its a troll who likes to photoshop. Just thought I would share.

      • Thanks for your opinion.

    • Haros says:

      Just wondering, you know you can get tattoo’s right? They’re permanent and less painful. Just wait til you’re 18 though.

  3. Lala says:

    I can’t get it and I don’t need this.

  4. Eunbyeol Lu says:

    well I am a anti saseong plus that scar will stay forever not healing, give them some privacy, I was worried about Kyung soo oppa when he got hitten by a Dlsr camera,Just leave the oppa s alone, Exo oppa s deserves privacy.

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