[BREAKING] f(x)’s Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza dating? Proof!

Sulli? Sulli is dating? They even have proof! I wonder how SM is going to counter this, but where did they go? How did they get caught? All that here!

fx-Sulli-dynamic-duo-choiza_1380162716_af_orgIt’s been awhile since I had a good scandal to report on! I love dating scandals. I hate saying that it’s a scandal, but according to K-neitizens it’s a scandal. If they’re hiding it then it’s a scandal. Nope, nevermind, anything involving idols in a relationships is a scandal. There’s not much to report on because the reporters don’t have much on the couple themselves. Sulli and Choiza was spotted caught in broad daylight around Seongdong, Seoul on the 25th. Sorry, I should mention early in the morning in broad daylight.


Apparently, they thought since it’s “early morning” they weren’t suppose to get caught. As I’m writing this I’m shaking my head. Jeez, but more of the smh info. They were holding hands (a big sign that they’re dating) when nobody was around; except they didn’t know about the paparazzi that was following them.  When people would pass them, they would unlock their hands and distanced themselves from each other.  As more people were on the streets and recognized the two celebrities, they called for a taxi and left together. This is just too much. They wanted to get caught or else they wouldn’t be so bold. I mean, I don’t care if they hold hands or what not, but you might as well announce that you are dating to the public. That’s the honest thing to do and yeah people will be upset for a moment, but it will blow over just like Junhyung and Hara situation.

Now here’s the VIDEO proof! *P.S it’s also my source* But that metro camera though.








3 thoughts on “[BREAKING] f(x)’s Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza dating? Proof!

  1. Fleur De Seoul says:

    I really wish Korea would get over this scandal mindset already. I would love to see some of my favorite stars date other stars, and I wouldn’t flip out if they didn’t date my bias as long as they’re happy.

  2. Kdrama&More says:

    An article just came out saying they’re not dating
    how can anyone think they’re dating? cause it’s like perfectly normal to hold hands and walk around the streets with a guy friend,lol like seriously? they actually believe we will believe they are just friends? I think they wanted to be caught but maybe their companies are trying to hide it or something but I think it’s too late for that,lol

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