SM Entertainment Denies Dating Rumor!

Now, who would have thought that? What did they say in their statement and exactly what type of relationship do Sulli have with Choiza? All that here. 

choiza_1380170479_20130926_sulli_choizaI knew this was going to happen! I just knew it! Despite having footage of the two holding hands, SM still DENIES the relationship. Here’s what they said:

“[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet often.”

Hold up, so brothers hold their sisters hands like this?


Word? I guess that’s what they do over there in Korea. I’m not trying to be rude or funny, but I’m trying to understand SM’s statement. Clearly, this is a bunch of B.S, but I’m analyzing it in every aspect and wondering how this was release to the public. Do they think K-neitzens are stupid? That’s just rude on SM’s part and how about those PR (public relations) folks writing up the statement? I guess they couldn’t put it any other way besides that Actually, they could have just told the truth. Brother and sister? I just cannot. I thought they would have said that they’re friends, but no.  Goodness. The paparazzi even went through the lengths to get the metro film, but they have a brother and sister relationship?


Why don’t they just come out and say that they’re dating? I don’t think anybody would care if they did. Fortunately, it’s a female idol instead of a male idol (I mean that still should not matter), but there wouldn’t be as much backlash as if it were a member of Super Junior. Idols should be allowed to date, but companies and fans aren’t making it happen. The main thing from this whole ordeal is that SM needs to hire better PR folks because they are making themselves look like an idiot right now.

What do you think of SM’s statement?


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