EXO’s Fans Crashes Baekhyun’s Brother’s Wedding

See I knew I would have to write another sasaeng story involving EXO soon. If the girl cutting herself weren’t enough, the fans crashed a member’s brother’s wedding. Who were at the wedding? Which member took to their SNS to put the sasaengs on blast? And what exactly will SM do about this matter?

EXO_1375715027_af_orgI cannot stress enough how much I blame SM for the amount of sasaengs fans EXO has. I’m just going to say this now because a lot of incidents could have been avoided if they took proper precaution to keep EXO safe. I should have known that this matter would have gotten out of hand because look at TVXQ. I think the glue incident with Yunho made SM “aware” of the problems with sasaeng fans, but why does it have to go that far?


As for the wedding, as I stated above it was Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding. All 12 of EXO members went to the event. No news sources are providing the location of the wedding and I don’t think that’s important for us to know now, but how the heck did they know where it was at? That’s another thing that I cannot wrap my mind around. Is there a family member (a young one) that do not like Baekhyun or something and told a sasaeng where it was? Do they have tracking devices on the boys? Or did they follow them to the wedding? If they followed them, how the fuck did they get into the wedding? There’s so many questions and not a lot of answers. Here’s an account from the wedding:


“The wedding was quiet before the EXO members appeared,” the person posted. “When three of them stood up to sing the congratulatory song, they rushed forward and stood on chairs to film videos. During the cake cutting, they ignored the couple since the idols were at the back, they tried to get autographs and pictures.”

 “They didn’t listen when the members told them to stop and they’ll do it later,” the poster continued. “During the family photo, all of them mobbed together and took the picture. Thought it was a press event. Everyone else was getting angry and the couples’ faces were getting darker.”

These girls tried to get autographs? While the couple was cutting the cake? No! Just no. That stuck out to me more, the whole thing does, but getting autographs while the couple was cutting the cake is just down right disrespectful. These girls did not respect the couple or EXO for the matter. What’s really messed up is that I bet they already have their autographs? I mean they’re called a sasaeng for a reason. You can clearly see that this was on purpose. They even posted something on a SNS threatening the boys. *Now, I don’t know if this is real, but who would fabricate this?*


Baekhyun, I told you
Stop fooling around, or we don’t know what we’ll do next
Why is it that we went all the way there to cause a ruckus? 
Our baby puppy is so adorable when he’s angry
But it’s time to calm down now isn’t it? You’re a public figure haha
Try treating us like we’re pests one more time, we really don’t what we’ll do next time
And send your brother our congratulations on his wedding

So, they ruined a wedding because they ignored you. Something is entirely wrong here. I am speechless. They’re getting a kick out of it when he’s mad? That’s sick. Whoever wrote this has some sass to her that I want to bust the living daylight out of because that last sentence actually the whole thing has attitude in it. Like what right do they have to act this way? They have no right and EXO’s Tao went to his Weibo account on put them on blast. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve seriously had enough with these people calling us in the middle of the night, sending us kakao messages the whole day, no matter where we go there’s always some person secretly following us, is it fun? I seriously hate it when other people disrupt my everyday life! I like to go shopping, eat out and meet up with friends, but I don’t like being stalked. I’m not a sinner! I’m not going out to commit a crime! I just want some peace and quiet to relax and take a break once I’m off work, a time for myself! Not something like this!”

tumblr_m3t7h3gePS1roah3so2_250Thank you Tao! Sasaengs showing up at the wedding went too far if Tao had to put them on blast, but why isn’t the company saying anything about it? That’s my problem. I won’t repeat myself on how I feel about sasaengs, or SM’s lack of presence in the ordeal, because then I will sound like a broken record. There should be laws in place to protect idols from these girls. The company should spend money to protect their artist. I don’t care if they hire bodyguards for the rest of their career, but something needs to happen where this will not happen again.

EXO Fighting!!

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