KARA’s Nicole Will Not be Renewing Contract with DSP Media!

After that in your face comeback, we get this news. Sad, but what did the company say? Who else MAY join Nicole and what are the fans reaction? All that heartbreaking news here.

a83f4caad22fa9e2dc9a4e6b3bc1cb04Wow, this is surprising, but yet unsurprising at the same time. Fans knew that KARA’s contacts was ending in January, and there was a slight chance that some members wouldn’t renew their contracts, but those were all speculations. Apparently, it’s not for Nicole. She did not renew her contract and she has not release a statement explaining why. Personally, she doesn’t need to, but the way the fans are reacting she’s going to have to release a statement. Here’s what the company said:

“We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with DSP Media. Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have all renewed their contract for another 2 years, and have decided to conduct their future activities with DSP… The contract for Jiyoung, different from the other members, will end in April and she has decided to think more about her life’s path, her singing career, and education.Nicole has revealed that she has no intention to renew her contract with DSP and thus her contract will expire in January as originally scheduled.”

nicole-scrawny-wideYup, an indirect quote saying that she will not return, but they also announced that Jiyoung may not be returning as well. They gave a depth statement regarding her status.

“It’s true that she is thinking about resting. She looked into studying abroad. However, at this moment, as a time she is working hard as part of KARA, nothing has been confirmed yet… It’s not that she’s saying that she’s going to quit her life in the entertainment field. There’s still a lot of time left, so we’ll be having to discuss this more.”

774518_0_500436_57489 It’s hopeful that she will remain in the group. I don’t know if it’s some type of ploy for them to announce this with Nicole statement, but hopefully she’ll do what SHE wants to do. The reason why I think this is because fans aren’t too thrill with Nicole leaving the group, so by releasing that Jiyoung may not return (which is a high maybe) the fans may beg for her to stay. It’s just a thought and it’s highly possible for fans to cajole her into staying. I won’t dig deep on how the fans feel because they aren’t happy, not angry, but sad that Nicole won’t return. There’s no other emotion that the fans are releasing besides that. Hopefully, this whole thing will end peacefully for Nicole.

KARA Fighting!

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