SHINee Releases Individual and Group Teaser for ‘Everybody’

Hold up, SHINee is back again? With a mini album, too? Word? So many questions about this, but you have to see Onew (and the others) teaser photos! They’re going  all military on us!

SHINee_1380845378_af_orgMinho wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted the group to release a lot of music this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be dumbfounded by it. This is like their third Korean with promotion comeback and that’s a lot for SHINee, or SM’s artists in general. I hope this single does well because “Why So Serious?” didn’t please the fans, but we have to look at Onew right now. And the other members, but Onew was looking mighty fine in this teaser!

SHINee-Onew_1380584999_af_org Onew_1380585909_2013101_onew Jonghyun-SHINee-Jonghyun_1380777426_af_org Jonghyun_1380777465_20131003_Jonghyun_2SHINee_1380761147_af_orgSHINee_1380761347_20131002_minho1 SHINee-Taemin_1380499704_af_org Taemin_1380502900_20130930020610_0 SHINee_1380671239_af_org SHINee_1380671252_20131002_key


SHINee’s teaser photos never make any sense to me and I thought I knew what was going on until the second set of teaser photos. They don’t want me to ever figure out their concept. I really love the military outfits though. It looks good on them, especially Jonghyun and Onew, and I think it’s because they look tan. I really love it when idols go tan. (Except for Wassup. That was a tan faux pas right there). As for the second set of teaser, Key owned it. Let that man snap is figures in a circle because he was working it! I just don’t understand this oversized hat. I didn’t like it when B.A.P’s Youngjae had it on and I don’t like it here. The second set just made me confused about everything. I’m really anticipating the MV.

Release Date Prediction! 

Even though I don’t know what type of MV they’ll release. Shoot, I don’t even have their MV release date, but I’m going to guess. They’re going to perform “Everybody” at their showcase in Samsungdong (I kid you not), Seoul on the 6th of October, so I think that’s when  they’ll release the MV. How much you want to bet? If it’s not on that date then it’s when they’ll perform “Everybody” on M! Countdown on the 10th of October. If all that fails then they’ll release it when the album drops, which I highly doubt, so my prediction is the 6th of October!

When do you think the MV will be released?


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