SHINee Releases Lyrics MV of ‘Symptoms’

I hope it’s something like what Katy Perry did with “Roar”. She had the iPhone emojis singing the song, but I doubt it. Let’s look at this minute music video! Minute MV? 

SHINee_1380845378_af_orgYes, this lyrics MV is only a minute and some seconds long. They might as well called it a teaser because we are being teased right now. I want more of it! It sounds so good and it’s a ballad, so it’s extremely good if I like it. I don’t know what it’s about, but with that title it must be about a girl. I would be surprise if it weren’t, but it has to be because Jonghyun and Onew released a lot of emotions. You be the judge and listen to the song. *By the way the lyrics placement in the video was DOPE*

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