[UPDATED]SHINee Releases ‘Everybody’ Image Teaser + ACTUAL MV Teaser!

What the heck is an image teaser? That’s a new and confusing term SM, but boy does it look good though! Question: when exactly is the MV release date? Come check out the teaser and my reaction video to it! [UPDATE] SM finally decided to release the MV teaser! The dancing will pull you in aside from Taemin being shirtless. Check it out!

SHINee_1380845378_af_orgI really really happy that SM decided to give SHINee an upscaled MV! I want to see green-eyed Minho, Onew and Jonghyun. I love them all as equals, but Minho did it in this teaser. But my question still stand, what the heck is an image teaser? I wanted to say MV teaser so bad, but I kept it safe just in case it’s not in the MV. It would make sense since the image teaser photo teaser and the MV teaser image teaser matched. That never happens with SHINee! And what about the release date? It’s practically non-existent as far as I’m concern. I can’t use my journalism Blue Clues detective skills if there’s no clues, so I can’t give you a date. I’m in the dark as much as you are. The MV will drop whenever SM decides to release it. Just like this teaser below. Check it out if you haven’t! *Updated version below*

My Reaction! 

MV Teaser 

MV Reaction!


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