T-ara Releases ‘Number 9’ and ‘Because I Know’ MV

T-ara is back with two MV releases. Let me tell you, they really like singing in front of a microphone and multi-colored contacts…on one person. Come check it out with my reactions!

This is my first T-ara MV and they just wanted to spoil me with two, but they could have just given me one. I won’t go into details because my reaction video clearly explains it all, but in the midst of all these comebacks (IU, SHINee, Kahi, etc.)  it wasn’t hard hitting.  Don’t get me wrong the songs will get some attention since it’s T-ara, but it’s not going to be THAT popular. Of course this is my opinion, but you somewhat have to agree with me. If you haven’t seen the MVs, here you go!

My Reaction! 


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