Ten Members Revealed From 13 member Rookie Group Topp Dogg

Thirteen members? This cannot be life. Let’s see who they are and what concept they’re bringing into the K-pop world! Click y’all…unless you are going to lust after children.

topp-dogg_1380860503_af_orgPhew, there’s a lot of them. I just, and I mean it, just figured out who’s who’s in EXO. That was a task…like a eight month task to get them down. The only problem I have here is their company. You know Block B’s old company? Yes, that’s the company that Topp Dogg belongs to and yes I’m scared for them. Seriously, if you cannot handle seven members what makes you believe that you can handle 13? It’s just unbelievable how this company is operating. *Breathe in. Breathe out* Okay, let’s get into the members!



topp-dogg_1381208612_af_org topp-dogg_1381290519_af_org


topp-dogg_1381376222_af_org topp-dogg_1381461849_af_org topp-dogg_1381556819_af_org topp-dogg_1381640448_af_org topp-dogg_1381816430_af_org topp-dogg_1381897749_af_org topp-dogg-jenissi_1381723009_af_org


Okay, just in case you can’t read the weird font, there names are B-joo, Hojoon, P-Goon, Yano, Nakta, A-Tom, Xero, Jenissi, Seogoong, and Sangdo.That’s in no particular order…I think. But what do you guys think so far? They look as if they hopped out of an anime, don’t you think? Plus, their names are also…weird. I don’t know, I guess I have to wait for their MV release to get an impression on them because it look as if they’re going to have a hip hop concept. We’re kind of over saturated with that concept since 2012 with B.A.P.

So, who your favorite?


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