JaeJoong Releases ‘Sunny Day’ Ahead from Album’s Title Track

Jaejoong is back for the second time this year. It’s not the creepy demonic concept like it was in January, but more of an angelic concept. You have to see his teaser picture also. Very beautiful to pass up.

JYJ-Jaejoong_1381281657_af_orgJaejoong is the principal of black and white concept, but he doesn’t have them in the same MV, he keeps them separate from each other. Sorry, I really don’t like seeing the black and white concept together in the same MV now, it’s becoming a cliche and banal. It is, but enough about my views on things look at this beautiful man’s…tattoos.

JYJ-Jaejoong_1381546228_af_org JYJ-Jaejoong_1381714842_af_org Jaejoong_1381714905_20131013_jaejoong_teaser3 Jaejoong_1381714907_20131013_jaejoong_teaser4 Jaejoong_1381714909_20131013_jaejoong_teaser5 Jaejoong_1381714903_20131013_jaejoong_teaser2


After the tattoos, it just got weird, but those tattoos! I think Jaejoong and G Dragon has the most tattoos in the K-pop (and I mean Pop), world among the idols. I really love idols with tattoos. I told you it’s going to be something angelic because look at the third picture, it has angel feathers in it. Also, he looks angelic himself with the blonde hair and contacts. Gosh, I love him. I just do. I just need to hear his voice now and you should too.

What do you think of this song? I cannot wait for his actual comeback! Just know that if he shows his tattoos, it’s over for me.



2 thoughts on “JaeJoong Releases ‘Sunny Day’ Ahead from Album’s Title Track

  1. fofo says:

    U think that jeajoong and GD have the most tattoos is kpop ?!!
    U should check jay park they are nothin compering to his tatoos

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