Miss A’s Min Post a Racist Meme?

Racism is becoming a problem in K-pop or is it? What did Min post? Who’s really upset? My view on the whole ordeal because it’s needed!

Racism is seriously becoming an issue. I mean this is the second time it’s been brought up in the K-pop scene, but two is enough because this shouldn’t even be a problem. So, here’s the meme. (By the way, a meme is where you put funny captions on a picture or have a funny picture in general. Take Grumpy Cat for example.)



Now, I don’t think this is racist, but she is in a way stereotyping African-Americans. Allow me to repeat myself THIS IS NOT RACIST, BUT IS STEREOTYPING AFRICAN-AMERICANS. I need to repeat myself because people are so quick to say that this is or is not racist. You can tell that this is aim towards african-americans because why else use a fried chicken wing? Wait, hold up, but I didn’t say that she is racist. I’m just saying that she could have used something different besides that to avoid all of this. Also, why change the face or keep the body? If it’s about her labelmate Sunmi then she could have kept her face or if it’s about Rick Ross then she should have photoshopped his whole body. The caption said, “Rick Ross–Lacking 24 servings,” so shouldn’t she photoshopped a black person body instead of Sunmi? I’m just saying because the picture STILL doesn’t make sense to me after reading the caption and looking at the picture.

The Fans’ Reaction


Okay, I’m at a crossroad here for one reason and one reason only. There’s a MAJOR double standard here, but before I get to that, the majority of the fans are saying that this is not racist, and of course there’s some that are saying that it is racist. There will always be both sides of it.  Now, another problem I have is my fellow African-Americans. We don’t need to say this, “I’m black and I don’t think this is racist,” we just don’t need to say that. It’s not necessary. If people think it’s racist then they will think that it’s racist. We cannot change their minds by saying that we are black. Instead of stating the obvious, why don’t you state some facts other than your race? It’s just that it’s not an argument to state your race in a debate. (I call mess like this a debate because it is).

Double Standard


Remember the racism controversy with B.A.P Yongguk and Youngjae? People called them racist because Yongguk called some folks gangsters and Youngjae called some extras on the set scary. They didn’t mention any race, but was called racist. Babyz defended B.A.P while others condemned them, now Miss A’s Min clearly mention race by altering her picture with Rick Ross’ face and add fried chicken (which is a food tied into African-Americans). Nobody is calling her a racist, some are, but not nearly as much as B.A.P, so what’s the problem here? So why is Min getting defended, but B.A.P did not aside from their fandom? That’s my major problem with this because I don’t like double standards, but of course K-pop wouldn’t be K-pop without it. Nevermind, it’s wouldn’t be life without double standard existing in this world.

I hope this blows over because this is not racist, but I hope in the future she will think things through before posting things like this because this is stereotyping. She needs to avoid stuff like this altogether. Period.


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