SS501’s Heo Young Saeng Releases MV before Enlistment.

No way, another to leave for the army. This time it’s a SS501 member. I have the MV and also the date when he enters, so what are you waiting for? Click!

heo-young-saeng_1381463483_af_orgI really like this kid, even though he’s older than me, but still his character is something to fall in love with. Along with his look…and voice. Here’s what the company said on his enlistment:

“Hello. It’s B2M Entertainment. We would like to inform you that Heo Young Saeng’s enlistment date, which you’ve all been curious about, has been confirmed… Heo Young Saeng will enter training on October 31 at 2 PM KST. Thank you. It is true that Heo Young Saeng will enlist according to his draft notice. Heo Young Saeng received his draft notice this past July and prepared for his upcoming military service.”

heo-young-saeng_1381463491_20131011_heoyoungsaengJeez, who leaves on Halloween? I’m not for superstitions, but I wish he could have waited on November 1st just to make me feel better. But who am I? Right, just a blogger. A very lonely, hardly any commenters to talk to blogger. Who listens to a blogger? Anyway. FT Island’s Hongki’s wife, Fujii Mina, is in the MV/ The TV wife that is and the MV is called “Weak Child.” Have a listen!

Here’s the album!

How do you like the MV and album? I really hope he has a safe time in the army. Heo Youngsaeng FIGHTING!





4 thoughts on “SS501’s Heo Young Saeng Releases MV before Enlistment.

  1. Mandy says:

    Miss Hollins, you got a friend in me. I love your blogs and updates! Also your opinions on some things just crack me up. Faithful follower here. If you have a twitter I’d love to connect with you there too (@mandy_noona)! Be warned, though ~ I’m kind of a pervy 30 something fangirl. Hahaha. And I’ll comment more often, don’t want one of my fave bloggers feeling lonely!
    Huggles!! Keep it up!

    • Thanks for following me! Also, thanks for laughing at my opinions…I really do try to be funny at times. I’ll follow you on both of my accounts and I’m on tumblr. You cannot get more pervy than the people on there…I’m scared if you do.

      • Mandy says:

        hahaha noooo i’m not a nasty kink-meister…. just like my eyecandy and fanservice. A lot of it lol. And it’s a pleasure to follow you. 🙂

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