MAMA 2013 Nominees Are Out + SHINee vs EXO Fanwar!

Woot, the nominations are out and I sure have a lot to say about it. Also, the SHINee vs EXO fanwar. We cannot skip over that even if they’re in the same company. So what are you waiting for? Click!

maxresdefaultGoodness, you don’t know how much I dislike the award season. It’s like the worst thing in K-pop because it’s guaranteed that there will be fanwars and behold there is one, but before I get into that the nominees.

Best New Female Artistes

  1. Lim Kim
  3. Lee Hi
  4. Crayon Pop

Best New Male Artistes

  1. Roy Kim 
  2. Bum Key
  3. BTS
  4. Yoo Seung-ho
  5. Jung Joon-young

Best Female Solo

  1. Baek Ji-Young
  2. Sun Mi
  3. Ailee
  4. Lee Hyori
  5. IU

Best Male Solo

  1. G-Dragon
  2. Psy
  3. Lee SeungGi
  4. Lee SeungChul
  5. Cho YongPil

Best Male Band

  1. CN Blue
  2. NELL 
  3. Dick Punks 
  4. Busker Busker 
  5. Jaurim

Best Female Group

  1. 2NE1
  2. Girls’ Generatiom
  3. SISTAR 
  4. f(x) 
  5. 4Minute

Best Male Group

  2. EXO
  3. SHINee
  5. Shinhwa

Best Male Dance Group

  1. B1A4
  2. EXO
  3. BEAST
  4. SHINee

Best Female Dance Group

  2. 4MINUTE
  3. Girls’ Generatiom
  4. Crayon Pop
  5. Girl’s Day

Best Male Solo Dance 

  1. G-Dragon
  2. Jay Park
  3. Seungri
  4. Psy
  5. Yoseob

Best Female Solo Dance

  1. G.NA
  2. Seo In-Young
  3. Sun Min
  4. CL
  5. Lee Hyori

Best Music Video

  1. G-Dragon
  2. Busker Busker 
  3. PSY 
  4. Lee Seungchul 
  5. Cho Youngpil

Best OST

  1. Davichi 
  2. The One 
  3. Suzy 
  4. Yoo Mirae 
  5. Jang Yup

Best Female Vocal

  1. Davichi
  2. Lyn
  3. IU
  4. Ailee
  5. Lee Hi

Best Male Vocal

  1. 2AM
  2. Lee Seung-Cheol
  3. K.Will 
  4. Lee Seung-gi
  5. Cho Yong-pil
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Yeah. Just yeah. B.A.P is not there. I won’t lie and say that I’m happy because I’m not. I’m disappointed. Have they forgotten about One Shot? Or at least Coffee Shop? Seriously, but I won’t go deeper on this topic because this will be a vlog. *Anticipate that video* I just do NOT understand, but for the most part I agree with the list. I think it’s decent. I have a question though? How is IU on the list or K.Will? I’m not hating, but I thought they have a specific time frame on who will be included in the nominations. I don’t know, but Kahi should be on there if that’s the case. The problem I have is that the list is comprised of big named idols and idols from the Big Three. That’s my MAIN problem because they’re missing out on some good songs. VIXX for example had three GREAT songs, but they’re not nominated. After School with their pole dancing routine is not nominated. These girls were injured trying to be different from the rest. How come MBLAQ isn’t on the list for their dancing in Smoky Girl? The list can go on and on, so that’s another reason why I’m upset. Even though I somewhat disagree with the list, I’m still going to vote for who I think DESERVES the award. Period.


Seriously do they not take pictures with ALL the members of EXO?

Seriously do they not take pictures with ALL the members of EXO?

It haven’t been a full day since the nominees were revealed and we already have a fanwar. I cannot deal. What surprised me is that it’s two groups from the same company. How in the world are the EXOtics and Shawols in a fanwar? I can’t even wrap my head around it because aren’t the two fandoms BFFs, ride or die buddies? Didn’t some Shawols convert to EXOtics? Didn’t SHINee help promote EXO? Isn’t EXO right now are supporting (aka promoting) SHINee’s new song, Everybody? So why in the WORLD are you guys fighting? You guys should basically respect each other, more so EXOtics to Shawols then Shawols to EXOtics. I don’t know what’s being said, but everybody on tumblr are posting rants about this imaginary fanwar. That’s what I’m calling it because there’s no evidence of it. There’s nothing on the comment section in either EXO or SHINee’s YouTube videos (the root of all evil in last year’s fanwar between EXO and B.A.P), no concrete post of hating or booty shaking on Tumblr (asides from rants), and no articles on site reporting on about the fanwar. Last year, I think AllKpop and Dkpopnews reported on the fanwar because it was freaking huge. I can’t even comment on how huge it was (actually I wrote posts about it so…you should check them out if you’re interested).

Which Side Am I On?


Neither because as of now there is no fanwar, and since there’s no fanwar I shouldn’t have to choose which side I’m on. If there were a fanwar, then it depends in the fans. I only got involved in last year’s fanwar because some EXOtics were being highly (I mean higher than Snoop Dogg on weed highly) disrespectful towards B.A.P. I can handle stuff, but I couldn’t handle those words and had to interfere. I really do like watching instead of being involved, so that’s probably what I’ll do if there’s fanwar. I haven’t quite recover from last year’s.  As for voting wise, I’m going with Infinite. PLOT TWIST!

What do you guys think on the nominees? Also, about this imaginary fanwar?

5 thoughts on “MAMA 2013 Nominees Are Out + SHINee vs EXO Fanwar!

  1. Fleur De Seoul says:

    I think it’s missing male solo artist.

  2. Sara says:

    Hey, I have watched your vid about bap not being nominated in the awards and I just want to give my opinion on it. Music awards would have two points to consider in nominating an artist. One the artist’s sales and two the influence of the artist throughout the year. The reason why quality of music (I think I am basing this one from your vid 🙂 ) is never part of the awarding ceremony is because there is no definite definition for music with quality. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion when it comes to quality unlike the other awards.

    That’s all I guess 🙂 but everything else you said I agree with you. Like how korean awards could be bias to popular groups. I guess they only consider sales and influence that’s why the case is like that.

  3. Jyuk Haimin says:

    I am surprised that B.A.P is not even mention for dance because they are awesome.dancers but VIXX should on Best Male Group cause idk they the best songs. They can make so many mvs just from any album like Jekyll.

  4. shawolline says:

    actually, the fandoms were never friends…just EXO and SHINee are friends.

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