[UPDATED…Again]Hyuna and Hyunseung Teaser Photos Released!

Hopefully, another one won’t come out as I write this. If you thought that their first song was provocative then you’re in for a surprise, and I mean Hyuna’s boobs outs surprise.

trouble-maker_1382626446_af_orgYes people, K-pop is throwing out their restrictions! Actually, no because they’re comeback is rated 19, but still K-pop is getting expose-y. Not even a word, but who cares, I think the majority of K-pop fans can agree with me here. I mean look at the picture above. You have to understand why some fans aren’t liking what they see. Most K-pop fans got away from American music because of the indecent exposure, so to see in K-pop it’s like a huge N.O. in their eyes. I won’t comment on it until the MV drops because they may be doing this just to get the public’s interest, but taken how provocative “Troublemaker” was last year I think it’s an upgrade. Still, I will wait for the MV to make my final judgment. Check out their teaser pictures and you be the judge on how…sexual it is.

HyunA-trouble-maker_1382751657_af_org trouble-maker_1382753235_20131026_hyunseung trouble-maker_1382757384_20131026_troublemaker


trouble-maker_1382760402_20131026_troublemaker1 trouble-maker_1382764016_20131026_troublemaker2 trouble-maker_1382767568_20131026_troublemaker3

[Double Update]

[Triple Update] *Seriously, this is a lot of teaser photos*

HyunA-Hyunseung-trouble-maker_1382835715_af_org trouble-maker_1382839262_131027_troublemaker2 trouble-maker_1382842839_131027_troublemaker_teaser3 trouble-maker_1382846515_131027_troublemaker4 trouble-maker_1382850014_131027_troublemaker5 trouble-maker_1382853724_131027_troublemaker6


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