Team A Won, Team B Lost. What will Happen?

This is really sad way of getting your debut. My thoughts on this stupid “Winner” competition here. *Warning: YG Stans, proceed if you want to. *

tumblr_mrth1uAEJP1rhtoquo1_500I don’t like these type of competitions. I don’t watch American Idol or The Voice, so I’m being serious about this. Before I go in on this competition, a brief overview on what I’m talking for those who don’t know. YG is looking for another boy group to debut after Big Bang, taken how Big Bang celebrated their 7th anniversary together, it’s overdue. They have two groups (Team A and Team B) and they have to compete to gain the love of the S.Koreans. This is exactly like American idol, you text or call to vote for your favorite team, and today we have the winner. Team A won the competition and of course Team B did not. At the beginning, YG said that the losing team will have to disband, so it may be possible that Team B will be no more.  My question is why? Why do this to a group?

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The thing about these type of competition is that you are making the public to fall in love with someone that you want to succeed, but in the end you see them fail. That’s devastating. I’m using that word a lot, but it is. I don’t like the fact that Team B lost. I don’t like the fact that they will have to train again to make their debut. What else do they need to improve on so that the public can like them? What else can they do? They trained for how many years and to tack on more because they didn’t win isn’t cool. The fans. I cannot even deal with them. Even though YG said that he will not disband them and keep them in his company, I think they’ve forgotten this part of his quote:

“but the losing team will stay in YG to train more with the possibility of replacing or retaining members” 

Yes, replacing members. So, why are people thinking that they will see the same Team B that they are seeing today? I just cannot grasp what these people are thinking. It’s good to be optimistic, but it’s not granted that it will be the outcome you want. It’s not granted that they want to continue to pursue music after a year or two. That’s what people need to understand. They need to ask themselves, “What if they don’t debut three or four years from now?” YG should have kept this “competition” behind close doors because although we’ve seen JYP’s Hot Blood Series and know that most companies do this, this isn’t the way you should debut groups. I know I’m just a small fry blogger, but I don’t like to see one group achieve something and not the other. I don’t like to see a CEO playing with a potential group’s emotions on national television. It’s down right horrible.

I wish Team B the best of luck and for Team A to do well!


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