Trouble Maker Releases “Now” MV and Full Album ‘Chemistry’!

Guys and gals, this is seriously a rated 19 MV! I think you would want to check yourself in the mirror just in case you didn’t catch the Joker syndrome like Hyunseung. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you must click to learn more.

trouble-maker_1382626446_af_orgThis is a really good video. I think I paid more attention to the video then the song itself, the repeat offender in K-pop these days, so I will have to listen to the audio by itself to make a judgement on the song. Also, for the people who were worrying about Hyuna being overly sexual in this MV should just let this slide this time. Her character (NOT THE REAL HER), was a trashy character and she had to dress that way to truly be that character. You can’t just cheat on your boyfriend that you live with in a trailer and wear a classy dress. That’s unrealistic. Let me stop.  Maybe some of you guys haven’t seen it yet and I’m basically going into my reaction video, so I have to stop. Check out the MV!

My Reaction! 

Full Album

I’m all for repeating punchlines that’s famous, but I don’t think it’s needed here. The beat itself can carry us into listening to the first verse. Hyunseung’s voice is really what’s carrying me through this song. I like Hyuna’s rapping, but her voice is weird to me. I have nothing against Hyuna’s voice, but I’m not use to it. It’s unusual to me, but I think it matches well with Hyunseung’s voice. Hers is pitchy while Hyunseung’s is smooth. Again, nothing’s wrong with it. I really like this song though. The fact that Hyuna wrote it, just goes to show that she’s more than a pretty face and I think Cube needs to showcase that more.

Baby making music! This is where somebody is going to do what Hyunseung and Hyuna did in their MV. OM to the freaking G! Hyunseung’s VOICE! This totally reminds me of Usher back in the early 2000s. If you haven’t noticed by now I love music from that time period. Why am I talking as if that wasn’t 13 years ago? Oh, I feel old, but seriously, this song will be downloaded to my phone tonight! He said he would never let me go! The chorus! Hyuna wrote this song, too! Cube, I really need you to stop messing around with Hyuna! Forreal!

I had high expectation going into this song after “The Girl Who Wants to Play” and I shouldn’t have done that. This song is not my cup of tea after hearing the previous track. I think this should have been the third song on the album. It would be the continuation of an upbeat after “Now” then hit us with the baby making music. I think that would have been better because I’m still in the slow song area and to hit me like that with “Attention” it just threw me off. I think even if this came after “Now,” I wouldn’t have liked it and I think it’s because of the beat with them singing. Either have the instrumental or keep the lyrics. One has to go, so that it will sound right and that’s my opinion.

Why would you do this to me Trouble Maker!? Hyuna you didn’t have to rap in this song because that chorus is AMAZING, or was it the pre-chorus? She could have left the rapping to Flowsik like completely with him. The beat during the chorus was sick. I guess I really, (extremely), love the chorus and I do. The chorus saved this song to me and also Flowsik’s rapping.

What do you guys think of the album?

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