JaeJoong Releases ‘Just Another Girl’ MV and ‘WWW’ Album!

He’s back with a full album, but the cash he’ll receive from the album will have to go to all the furnitures he destroyed in his MV. Seriously, destroyed it because of a girl. Come check out the MV and album if you haven’t already.

Yes, Jaejoong is no different than all the male K-pop idols on the scene. Despite his different musicality, he also destroy his own property whenever a girl breaks his heart. Sorry that I’m hooked on that more so than the girl doing him wrong, but I don’t understand how destroying your OWN property will erase the memory you have on that relationship. I just don’t. Check it out and see if it’s worth destroying his property.

My Reaction

Full Album

What do you think of the album?



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