What’s going on with Daebak Koreans?

I won’t add any introduction to this post as I do other post because this is an update post on Daebak Koreans. Oh what the heck, I’ll just put introduction. It’s an update on my blog and also my experience Black Thursday Friday shopping. Continue reading

2013 MAMA Performances!

Seriously, again, I couldn’t stay up to see the MAMA awards because *still insert an excuse here*, but I would rather see 30 mintues worth of performances than 6 hours worth the award show. Come check out Ylvis with Crayon Pop, Paris Hilton, and Stevie Wonder! Continue reading

2013 MAMA Winners!

Guys, I couldn’t stay up to watch the MAMA because of *insert excuse*. But I had a reason, so please forgive me! I got the winners list here, so come and check out to see if your favorite artist won an award.
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