Big Bang’s T.O.P to Release a Solo Album in Mid November!

I wonder if YG is regretting to release contents from Big Bang earlier this year because first we had Seungri’s comeback, then G-Dragon’s, YG is preparing for Taeyang’s comeback, and now T.O.P is coming back. All of this in three months people! Come check out what sources said on T.O.P’s comeback!

-2013-03-02-T-O-P-Samsung-Blue-Festival-in-China-big-bang-33844862-1280-853Oh did I forget to mention that Big Bang is coming back together at the end of the year, too? I sure did, but what is going on to have four solo comebacks then a group comeback in such a short time frame. I don’t want to even write what I’m thinking because it’s kind of sad, but you have to wonder what’s going on. BUT we have two sources contradicting themselves on T.O.P’s album release date. Here’s what one source said:

“T.O.P, who has prepared for his solo track in secret, will be kicking off his solo activities mid November… T.O.P’s new music video is directed by Seo Hyun Seung.”

Here’s the other:

“It’s true that he’s releasing a solo album. However the exact time period for release hasn’t been decided on yet. We will reveal it when details are in place.”

Well something is not adding up. I mean why wait to release the MV and album if it’s already done? Or is it done? Jeez, why isn’t there a follow up article on this because there’s a lot of questions that needs to be answered and YG isn’t releasing anything official on this comeback. People are talking that’s not YG and I don’t want to be excited for nothing. Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.

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