Big Bang’s Taeyang Releases Teaser Spot of ‘RINGA LINGA’ and Teaser Photo before Pre-Release!

Phew, a long title. Taeyang have been releasing stuff left and right these days. I guess fans really want to see a tattoo-fied and blonde hair Taeyang, I mean who doesn’t? WHO DOESN’T? Click this and see him tattoo-fied and blonde!

Taeyang_1381380763_af_orgThis is my first time seeing Taeyang blonde! When I saw his Instagram pic, I highly recommend you to follow him, I thought it was G-Dragon because of the blonde hair, not Taeyang. You know something should have told me that wasn’t GD because GD isn’t that all that buff. Jeez, I’m so stupid! How did I miss that? Goodness, strip VIP off my  list because I have fail! *Dramatic music* But enough about my failure let’s have a look at the teaser spot! *Hold up, first SHINee had a image teaser which was actually a video teaser and now Taeyang has a teaser spot? What the heck is a teaser spot?* 

What the heck was that? That was 26 seconds of pure I-don’t-know-what-the-heck-is-going-on-in-the-teaser…teaser. That doesn’t, probably, make any sense, but I don’t get it. Usually, I can get something, but I’m totally in the dark because of the name of the title track and also the teaser. They could have made me work with something! Man. But I can tell you this, that better not be his hairstyle in the video. Did you see those braids? Nope, don’t do that to the poor boy man!



So, apparently RINGA LINGA is the pre-release ahead of his full comeback. Just how many videos is he going to release? I can’t tell you because YG is keeping that under wraps, but I cannot wait to see the MV and song. I mean GD wrote it and Taeyang is singing it, isn’t it the best of two worlds?

What do you think of Taeyang’s new image? Is it a hit or miss?


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