[UPDATED]Miss A Release Group and Individual Teaser Photos and MV Teaser for ‘Hush’

They’re finally back, I mean that’s what their fans are saying, but seriously after a year they should say that and probably a long written letter to JYP. I wonder if they’ll be doing something different beside the overly unnecessary sexy concept, but guys (literally guys) have to see these concept photos. Girls, too, if you want.


See guys, very sexy. I think this is the trend this year for girl groups, aside from 2ne1. I don’t think 2ne1 even follows the typical trends that girl groups set out ever, but for Miss A I’m getting a mature sexy vibe from the teaser. I think that’s a good thing because lately I’m getting overly sexy, but forced to be sexy concept bring in profit sexy. So many sexy in one sentence, but what I mean by that is something like Girl’s Day’s “Female President” and AOA’s “Confused”. Though, I feel as if this is going be something along the lines of Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl” and Kahi’s “It’s Me”. I don’t know if I’m right because my prediction failed with Infinite’s Destiny outdoing The Chaser, but I hope I’m right. Miss A will be releasing a full album with 13 songs and seven of them will be something new to Miss A and their fans. Here’s the individual teaser photo set excluding Fei (which I think will be released tonight), but enjoy these while you wait for hers.

miss-A-Min_1383185847_af_org miss-A-Suzy_1383272047_af_org miss-A-Jia_1383358762_af_org

Who’s ready for their comeback on the 6th? I am just to see if I’m right.

[UPDATED] Nope, it’s not the individual teaser photo of Fei, but something better (well that kind of depends if Fei’s your bias), we MV teaser was released! Check them out!

What the…heck? Last time I checked Halloween was over, but this is really creepy. I wonder how they’re going to twist it into a sexy concept. I think this will be interesting.  What do you guys think?


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