Six Members Revealed in New Rookie Group AlphaBAT!

Here’s another one at the end of the year, and hopefully they won’t have the hip hop image that BTS, LC9, and Topp Dogg debut with this year. I don’t think that matters if they do or don’t, but what matters is the stage name the company is giving them. They’re not called AlphaBAT for the heck of it. Check out the members and their crazy names. 

alphabat_1382584459_af_orgGuys there will NOT be 26 members in this group! I repeat there will NOT be 26 members in this group. I cannot handle big groups, but this is somewhat of a big group (for me that is). AlphaBAT consist of nine members, but before it was a hip hop duo before adding in six members. I think the key word I gather is hip hop, so will this be another hip hop group? I don’t know, but check out the members.

alphabat_1383016927_20131028_Beta alphabat_1383016854_af_org alphabat_1383105341_af_org alphabat_1383190792_af_org alphabat_1383277006_af_org alphabat_1383371414_af_org

What happened to letter A? Where is he at? You can clearly see that it will be easier to remember these guys’ names whenever they pop on the screen. I mean, Beta, Code, Delta, Epsilon, Fie, and Gamma, those are not difficult names.  They also have totally different styles too, so that’s another plus. I think I have the clearance to say that I can memorize AlphaBAT’s members by the time their MV drops. I’m promising a lot, right? But I think I can. Who wants to do with me? Please do it with me because if I mess up and you guys mess up then I won’t feel bad. We have yet to see the other three members, but check out the promo of AlphaBAT!

So, there’s Heta, Iota, and Jeta. I don’t know I’m really excited about this group, but I really hope they don’t do hip hop concept.  Judging the video…my wish won’t come true. Goodness. I just hope they stand out so that people can remember them, but I give them this their names will help them…a lot!



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