Girls Generation Wins at YouTube Music Awards, but Loses at the Same Time to American Fandoms

How is that even possible, right? You win Best Video at YouTube Music Awards, but get slammed in racist outbursts from Directioners, Beliebers, and etc. on Twitter. What did they say and what are K-pop fans are saying about this outburst? All of that here, but be warned it’s full of nonsense.

SNSD-girls-generation-snsd-32606104-1600-900I just cannot believe what’s happening now. I knew that racism still existed, but over an award that doesn’t mean anything? C’mon now! So, if you don’t know, Girls Generation won best video at the YouTube Music Awards (the first award program that YouTube had ever conducted). No harm no foul, right? Well, they were against Justin Bieber, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga, so there was a lot of harm and foul today. Butthurt fans took their anger to Twitter and unnecessarily tweet some racist comments about Girls Generation. Check them out.


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Yeah, we’re dealing with a bunch of idiots here. I’m not saying that K-pop genre don’t have any, but they’re taking it to a whole other level. They didn’t know how big Girls Generation fandom is, they probably underestimated them, and that costed them the award. Again, this award program to me is stupid, but everybody  took it seriously and that’s why we have this nonsense floating on Twitter.

My Views

My views still stands on the fact that award programs is the root of all evil in the music industry…well one of the roots. Award programs will always start fanwars no matter what genre it is. Fanwars within the K-pop genre and outside of it. My problem is that most K-pop fans aren’t distinguishing crazy racist fans from normal ones. They’re just labeling them as a whole and that’s not right. If normal Exotics doesn’t like to be link with EXO’s sasaeng fans then it shouldn’t be done with normal American (Mexican, European, etc. There’s a lot of nationalities that support JB, 1D, LG, DL, and SG) fans either. That’s my main problem.


Of course the other is racism, but I won’t go into that because they should know that they’re wrong for saying that. Hello, it’s 2013 and racism shouldn’t be a problem, but of course it’s still is. All that saying to me is that there’s some covert racists out there and I don’t think their views will change anytime soon. Actually, let JB or 1D hang out with Girls Generation I bet that will change their tune.

My question to K-pop fans is: Do you still want K-pop to spread in the Western music market? When I saw all of this that was the first question that popped into my head, and I seriously want to know. I don’t think Westerns are ready for K-pop. There’s a reason why K-pop isn’t that popular because it’s different than what people are used to and since it’s different it should take time for it to enter the Western music market. But I hope that 1D, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez see how stupid some of their fans are acting right now towards GG. Seriously.

What do you guys think?


12 thoughts on “Girls Generation Wins at YouTube Music Awards, but Loses at the Same Time to American Fandoms

  1. Fleur De Seoul says:

    I think that it’s spreading very slowly and I’m thankful for that. I’m just glad I no longer get (super) weird looks when I explain to my classmates that I listen to Kpop. Some of my friends are even into it now. xD

  2. UxMishi says:

    Iv been raging mad over the tweets. All i can see is a buch of immature people with narrow mindsets that refuse to grow up. JB, 1D are not the only one with large fanbases u know. Why the back lash??

  3. BowlFullofHappy says:

    How rude is everyone to look down upon a different cultures band , everyone came out to be winners despite of winning an award. All i have to say is Congratulations Girls Generation!!! Korea and your fans are super proud for highlighting this win to show everyone that not only ” American Bands or Artist” should only win , music is music despite ethnicity

  4. Dohiriza says:

    one of the facts we see here is that they finally cam eto know about kpop music, even though it wasn’t such an easy sail, but come on we gt their attention.award ceremony is done, lets just move on. so dey r acting like kids, let them be. its only people like them who are most easily fooled by what goes around

  5. Nangku Duyu says:

    I am so happy SNSD won! Its high time people across the globe and not just ASIANS know how talented these girls are! They can act, sing, dance and what not?! We welcome Western artists with open arms, why can’t they do the same?? By bringing home this award, SNSD has literally slapped all the f****** racists!!! :))) SNSD Hwaitinggg!! 🙂

  6. Sooyoung says:

    I bet you guys don’t even listen to k-pop so that’s y u guys r being so damn rude just imagine if we teased you because you people are American? How would you feel? Listen to them at least they have really good music seriously! Don’t judge before seeing your self! Don’t be a follower be a leader! What I’m trying to say is, don’t be like others don’t act like others be your self!! And stop judgeing us korean people?gien Hyung gated
    Hutt neig? Sincerely Sooyoung(Girls Generation)

  7. Aaliyah jones says:

    That was so racist. They deserved the award just as much as they do

  8. Jay says:

    I am an American male. I discovered SNSD about four years ago, on Youtube no less. At first, it was the music. Well, the looks are nice too! But looks without talent get boring and lose my attention; I’m four years now and still going strong. I’ve loved pop all my life, and this was pop! Full breadth pop…from the ballads up to the rock; nice variety. As the years went by and I was sucked in more…I began to find out more and more about the “girls”. Their history together. Who they are behind the mask of performer. These girls aren’t just great singers and dancers, they are really great “people”. Beautiful hearts. Humble. Dedicated to each other and their fans. Great music from a group of souls so sweet just makes it all the better. SNSD is seven years strong. I will never see this again in my lifetime. And I get to be a part of it now, and cherish it forever…long after they are no longer a group. I will never meet them. They will never know me. But we have a bond only those who have experienced it can know or understand. An American in a quiet suburb half a world away from Korea…and fan for life. Congrats on the award! Soshi-SONE Forever.

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