Miss A Releases ‘Hush’ MV + Album!

Sexy mature Miss A is back and they’re pretty nasty in the MV. How nasty you ask? Like bite down on his lollipop…nasty. Yeah, you have to check out this video and album!

Thank the Lord heavens that JYP included captions on the MV or else I would have been confused about the MV. Seriously, thanks to him (or the translator) I would have missed that part of the MV. Question: Why give that part of the song to Suzy? You know how guys feel about her, so why make her sing that? Suzy, watch out for  perverted guys, okay? Check out the MV!

My Reaction *I’m in class, so…yeah. I’ll edit and post it later!*


What do you guys think of the album? More importantly what do you think of the MV?



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