[BREAKING] Tony An and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Broke Up!

Should this even be a breaking story? Why did they break up and what did their company say? All that here with my I-told-you-so-opinion.

qW78tC42Didn’t I say that this relationship wouldn’t last? I did…actually I disagreed with the whole relationship period because c’mon Tony An is at the age where he suppose to marry and Hyeri is at the party age. That is not a good combo. The media aren’t saying much about this break up compare to when the story broke that they were dating, but a rumor was floating around that they had broken up to where to companies released an official statement. Here’s what Tony An’s company said:

“Tony and Hyeri have recently broken up… It’s not that something bad happened. After a long conversation, they decided to go back to being just sunbae and hoobae… Even after their break up, they’ve remained comfortable with one another and aren’t awkward around each other”

Hyeri’s company’s statement:

“The two recently broke up. As they weren’t able to meet frequently, they naturally drifted apart.”

You know, I didn’t see this statement coming. *Roll eyes* When it comes to idols dating, they must have a go to book of past quotes that “worked”. They must really think the public is stupid. I think this is the reason why netizens search for information on their own. I don’t agree with it, but if companies keep allowing their PR person to release statements like this then netizens will continue to dig up information. People don’t like to be call stupid and they want the truth (juicy gossips, really) about why they broke up no matter if it’s not their business.


Back to the break up, I just knew that this would happened and they should have, too. You guys probably think I’m harsh, right? I’m just thinking realistically. It could have worked if they weren’t idols, but in that field of work (and in S.Korea I might add) I don’t think it would have been possible for the relationship to survive. I think they could have avoided this situation entirely if they thought this through. I’m not saying that idols shouldn’t date, and that it couldn’t have worked because of their age, but their age is the problem and so is the field they work in. I wish them the best of luck in the future and I hope variety shows won’t chew them out on this either.

What do you guys think about the break up?


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