6Theory Media Statement on Ailee’s Scandal

It’s about time they released a statement. What did they say? How exactly are they going to get the blame off of them and is there an employee that dated Ailee in the past? All that here.

First and far most, I want to apologize for posting those pictures. I was wrong to do so and it’s highly illegal even if it was censored or not. It’s still illegal even if she is above the age of 18, so *bows* I apologize. Hopefully, you all will forgive me. Thanks.

458185_251520768265223_1789789223_oNow, I don’t know if AllKpop can make an apology like I did and come away without losing any followers. Actually they can’t, they already lost a huge amount of followers because her pictures are still online. As I said above, it’s illegal and they might get sued, but of course they have evidence to prove that they turned down the leaker.

I’m just going to link you to the post because it’s quite long. I’ve read the post and I don’t know what to think because there’s a lot of variables that could go against AllKpop. One of them being that Ailee’s ex-boyfriend works at AllKpop. Now, that doesn’t mean that he leaked the photos, but there’s a small possibility that he did. What I’m curious about is why release them now? What do she have on him to where he leak the photos? Again, if it’s him who leaked the photos, that what questions needed to be asked.


Two: Why didn’t AllKpop go to the police about this? It is illegal (again, I’m sorry), so why go to the company? Actually, they did the right thing by going to the company, but when the company didn’t do anything about the leaker that’s when AllKpop should have went to the police. We can blame both AllKpop and YMC Entertainment, but it’s hard to believe anybody at this point of time.

AllKpop Haters

69860_2009111409000119I can somewhat understand the hatred of AllKpop, but aside from the photos , it’s their job to deliver news. News is not happy-go-lucky all the time. At times you have to get your hands dirty, but as long that it’s legal. Unfortunately, they don’t have a good journalist at AllKpop. I’m still in college learning about what’s right and wrong to report about, but they’re not. They are a business and should know these things by now. Journalist are hated because they’re doing their jobs and there’s no way around it. We have to morally weigh out if it’s the right decisions to report on things and morally they have the right to report on Ailee’s scandal, BUT they don’t have the right to post the pictures. Period.

Source: Allkpop

That’s my two cents on 6Theory’s statement. I don’t know who to believe, but they could have avoided this entirely if they had just went to the police. What do you guys think about their statement?


One thought on “6Theory Media Statement on Ailee’s Scandal

  1. Belle says:

    I saw a comment saying Jay Park, Amber, G.Na and Min all unfollowed AllKpop. Did any other idols unfollow them?

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