EXO Didn’t Win Worldwide Act at EMAs!

What?!?! I can tell you this…neither did Justin Bieber and One Direction. So, is this a lose-win situation? Who won the award? My views here. 

EXO_1375715027_af_orgDo you know how bad I want to laugh right now? Seriously, this is too funny to me and you want to know why? MAMA 2012 Rookie of the Year award.  This is a repeat on what happened between B.A.P and EXO and it’s funny to  me. I told you when voting counts for 10 or 20%, the unexpected happens, like where did Chris Lee come from? (Chris Lee won Worldwide Act and she’s a C-pop artist.) Who is she and how did she win against EXO’s, Justin Bieber’s, and 1D’s fans? Doesn’t that sound like Busker Busker to you? It does, I mean I wouldn’t reference MAMA 2012 for the heck of it, but this should be familiar to K-pop fans.

Fans Reaction

tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbI think they have mix feelings about this award. They’re happy that Justin Bieber and 1D didn’t win the award, but they’re sad that EXO didn’t win either. You know, the usual feelings after something that didn’t go your way. There’s really nothing more to say about this, but that Exotics and K-poppers are shocked that they didn’t win and that all their hard work went to waste. Well, Exotics been through this before and it should be easy for them to pick themselves back up.

My Reaction

tumblr_m8irdsaCFK1qa7tfso1_250Again, it’s funny to me. Exotics was pushing down other fandoms’ throats to vote for them, but they did it for the wrong reasons and that’s why it’s funny. People claimed that it’s to spread K-pop, but why leading up to the award ceremony they’re talking bad about 1D and Bieber? Why were they worried about what their fans had to say instead of just voting? Why do we have to vote to “get back” at somebody when it’s about spreading K-pop? Here’s a video explaining in depth about this whole ordeal. *Note: I recorded it yesterday, so it was before the announcement*

They also thought too far in advance for my taste as if EXO already won the award. Just because you are ahead in the polls does not mean that you are going to win and that was proven today. On Twitter and Tumblr they were like “Imagine Kris and Suho on stage accepting the award,” and other stuff along those lines. To me, creating those type of posts gave them false hope and the expectancy that they would win. Since your expectation is high, EXO was in the lead up to the announcement, but they didn’t win, Exotics and K-poppers were highly disappointed. Even more  then they should be. It’s not a Korean award program, so it was not granted that they were going win, but since it’s all about getting back at an idol who did nothing to EXO it’s even more disappointing.

Now this is my opinion, so not everybody will agree with me, but I want to know what you guys think. What do you think of this outcome?


10 thoughts on “EXO Didn’t Win Worldwide Act at EMAs!

  1. Dayana Yana says:

    Can I share this? 🙂

  2. happyexolost says:

    hahahas Im so satisfied that EXO lost. Call me a butthurt fan or whatever, I never wanted them to win, especially after what all those exotics did to other fandoms. Messing around and acting like a bitch pays huh. But I was pretty shocked that Chris Lee won though. No one expected that

    • Dilemma says:

      Huh?. So you are satisfied EXO, because their fans (and not EXO themselves) were being stupid. So you dislike the group because of their fans? Wow.

  3. Chris Lee is a chart topping artist from mainland china and has sold millions in terms of album sales. Please don’t say things like “where did Chris Lee come from?” when you don’t know enough about the culture and the music industry of mainland China to base your criticism off of. You’re sounding just like the JB fans and the Directioners did when GG won the Youtube Video of the Year award. And for the record, Chris Lee is FEMALE artist.

    I’m actually a fan of EXO and had voted for them for the EMA’s as well. However I’m Chinese and I know who Chris Lee is as an artist and it’s unfair to her that she is receiving criticism for her accomplishments. And on the fact that EXO lost to her, it makes sense once you think about the sheer population of China alone not to mention her worldwide fans.

    And in case I came off as angry, that was definitely not my intention..I was actually just trying to clarify that Chris is a female..and went off on my own rant. Sorry!

    • Sorry, apparently I didn’t do my research. I didn’t know that she was a female (the name threw me off), thanks for telling me. Before you jump down my throat (actually you already there), I was comparing the win to 2012 MAMA rookie of the year award. Where nobody knew who Busker Busker was, that’s why I asked where did she come from. It was an unexpected win. I’m just trying to understand where I disrespected her. I didn’t knock her accomplishment or said anything bad about her (aside from the dude part), but other than that I only touch on her win for a moment.

      As for me sounding like a 1D or JB fan, that’s where you’re wrong. I did not partake in the voting process because of the negativity surrounding this particular award. I didn’t care who won the award. (I guess you didn’t have time to look at my video. That’s fine.)

      Even though you put that disclaimer at the end, you still came off a bit angry.

  4. JustSam says:

    i stayed up all week voting for exo, I’ve voted over 1000 times (you can vote more then once)
    knowing that all that hard work went to waste…Exo should have won, that’s all im saying
    but im glad Justin Bieber and 1D didn’t win. thank god for that!
    but like seriously, who the hell is CHRIS LEE? I searched her name on Google and nothing came up, only pictures of some old guy which means shes not very popular
    the world is so fu*ked up….

  5. Rinky says:

    I thinks Chris Lee won, if you think about because china has like the 2nd or 1st most human population in the world. Now I bet there were some exotic fans in China but who wouldnt vote for their own country artist to win? I know I would if i liked the artist at all (srry justing beiber i voted for exo) but yes. I conclude this is probs why chris lee won. The population of china exceeds the whole of kpop fans in the world. Anywho’s congrats to her win, I went to listen some of her stuff and it’s rly nice. She has strong support if she out beat exo so dont mess with her fans lol =P jk fans of kpop/jpop and cpop are cray nowadays. 10 yrs ago it was crazy but the international fans were wayyyyy better at fansportsmanship, now they just as crazy! smh.

  6. mak says:

    I did not vote for EXO mainly because some exotics kept on saying that we have to vote for them because they voted for blah blah blah some other yr that’s why they won the award. I hate it when people keep on voting even though they don’t like the artist just to have some backing(assurance that others will do the same) when their bias group will be nominated nxt yr or nxt nxt yr. (ignore my bad english)

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