2013 MelOn Music Awards Winners!

If you slept on the MelOn Music Awards like I did, I have the winner list for you! Come check out the winners!



Artist of the Year

Top 10 Artists

  • EXO
  • Davichi
  • Dynamic Duo 
  • Busker Busker 
  • B2ST 
  • SHINee 
  • IU 
  • Ailee 
  • G-Dragon

Album of the Year

Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker 2nd Album

Song of the Year

EXO – Growl

Newcomer Award
BTS & Kim Ye Rim

Netizen Popularity Award

EXO – “Growl”

Global Artist Award


*Of Course Psy wasn’t there.*

Hot Trend Award
Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar & Rose Motel – “Longtime Lovers

Songwriter Award
Shinsadong Tiger

Music Video Award
B2ST‘s “Shadow

Concert Cultural Award

Shin Seung Hoon

MBC Music Star Award

Rap / Hip Hop Award
Baechigi – “Shower of Tears” feat. Ailee

R&B / Ballad Award

Huh Gak – “Monodrama” & K.Will – “You Don’t Know Love

OST Award

Yoon Mi Rae – “Touch Love” (‘The Sun of My Master‘)

Pop Award

Bruno Mars – “Young Girls

*Why isn’t nobody congratulating Bruno Mars?*

Rock Award

Cho Young Pil – “Bounce”

Congratulations to all the winners!



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