VIXX Releases Image and MV Teaser of ‘Voodoo’

VIXX must love the dark concept because they’re back again (seriously, the 4th or 5th time!) with *drum roll* a dark concept. Bring out your voodoo dolls and check out these teasers!

VIXX_1384271508_af_orgUm, if you have a voodoo doll…yeah that’s abnormal. Please don’t hurt me, oh wait don’t you need a personal belonging of somebody to hurt them with the voodoo doll? I believe so, then I’m wondering what this song is going to be about. It’s VIXX and they can pull off the creepy concept, but what exactly will they sing about? I don’t know, but they sure do look good with black hair.

VIXX_1384358469_af_org VIXX_1384358502_20131113_VIXX2 VIXX_1384358505_20131113_VIXX3 VIXX_1384358507_20131113_VIXX4 VIXX_1384358512_20131113_VIXX5 VIXX_1384358517_20131113_VIXX6 VIXX_1384358522_20131113_VIXX7


I cannot wait, but here’s the MV teaser if the image teasers weren’t enough.

Rated 19 teaser

Oh, I cannot wait for this!! Did you see that line formation and a member getting lifted off the ground? How about that second teaser? Bondage and blood? Okay, VIXX just intensified the creepy meter because boy was I surprised at that teaser. Ugh, I cannot wait!

What do you guys think of the teaser?



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